Tue Aug12 2014:
The one thing is we can all get control of is our posture. Poor posture is the leading cause to muscle imbalance, injury, and the dreaded back pain.
Posture affects everyone…toddlers, school children, high school athletes, seniors, white collar, blue collar…EVERYONE!
FOUNDATION TRAINING will help so many posture issues…
FOUNDATION TRAINING is posterior chain training.
In this day and age that we live in with fancy comfy curved lounge chairs, car seats…with all the computers, cell phones, and other gadgets that barely let us “think” or “move”. We are becoming a society of bent over people who barely do anything for ourselves anymore.
Get up out of your chair and practice Foundation Training through out your day. Decompress. Stretch your spine. Move your body.
I teach Foundation Training and is an awesome way to take care of your muscles through out the day….no matter what your occupation is.
If you can not come to me for Foundation Training… Buy a DVD to learn the exercises or click on the “find a trainer” tab. Contact me or click on the link…you will be glad you did!



Foundation Training can be done anywhere…! It only takes a minute or 2 to decompress, breathing in the oxygen we need to feel better, and to stretch and strengthen our core, hips, back…and the whole posterior chain!

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