Tue Aug. 12,2014:
What are muscles imbalances? A muscle imbalance happens when one muscle is stronger than it’s opposing muscle. For example, say you love to go to the gym and do a lot of chest work: push-up, flys, etc but you do very little back work: such as rows or lat pulls. This creates an imbalance. Chest may get very big and strong, but it’s opposing group of back muscles get very weak. This can cause all kind of posture issues, shoulder issues, back issues.
You can also cause muscle imbalances by repetitive actions. Let’s say you work in a factory and stand on your feet all day putting together car parts.
That same movement pattern or position you put your body in becomes dominate and overused…this to leads to imbalance and all kinds of body/pain issues after time.
Let’s say you are a golf lover and can’t wait to play every weekend. Well, golf is already hard enough to play all on its own. If your mechanics are not good you are doing more than just playing bad golf! You guessed it…pain issues are on the way. Just look at all the professionals right now suffering from back issues…and they have beautiful swing mechanics. For them these imbalances come from repetitive movement patterns.
In the photo below you can see how imbalance looks in a muscle fiber. One muscle is well developed or overly developed – while the opposing muscle is smaller and weak. Therefore, this muscle group will not work together as a unit. The stronger muscle will pull on the bone and/or joint it is attached to and move it into an improper position. Believe me when I say…you can have imbalances in your foot causing back pain! You can have imbalances in you hip causing your plantar Fasciitis! The body has chains of muscle groups running from head to toe…get a kink in the chain…problems will occur.
Take care of your bodies…and start young. Parents get your young athletes to a massage therapist. Everyone should get chiropractic adjustments. Find a FOUNDATION TRAINING instructor that can teach you to stretch and strengthen your posterior chain as a unit. This will help get the “kink” out of your chain.


We usually create our own muscle imbalances….just from our daily lives. From housewife, to desk job, to student, to professional athlete…we are all going to have imbalances. Make taking care of your body as important as having food and water on a daily basis.
As always, I am available to help you with your body with FOUNDATION TRAINING. Also, I have an excellent group of professionals to refer to.

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