What do you do for a living? Doctor, lawyer, dentist, hygienist, secretary, office manager, sales associate, factory worker, accountant, financial advisor, housewife, construction worker,cleaning staff…the list of occupations goes on and on.
We go to these jobs everyday and get behind that desk and do the same thing day after day. People in sales walk those hard floors and stock shelves day after day. Factory workers…we know they repeat the same thing over and over. Surgeons, standing at a table bent over all day. Hygienist, all day bent over in odd positions day after day for years. My point is, our jobs ant these same movement patterns we are in are causing us pain. This is true even for myself. I did not realize this until I went to my FOUNDATION TRAINING CERTIFICATION last year. Since then I have continued to learn all about posture and the harmful effects on our bodies from poor posture.
I’ll use hygienist’s as an example since I am in the dental field. When you sit on a stool like chair all day bent over with a tilt and your neck at odd angles trying to look in someone’s mouth…your body is going to feel the effects of this posture. The muscles are going to be imbalance, short, tight. Some hygienist’s may even suffer carpel tunnel, sciatica etc. after a period of time.
Let’s look at another occupation…cleaning service. How do you think your body would feel after mopping, sweeping, changing beds and cleaning bathrooms all day? One good thing about this job you do get to move around a lot! If these workers are bending from the waist they are on a path for back pain!
I worked with some students who were going to be nurses. I asked, are you taught how to bend over in order to help move a patient? They all shout out…yes, use you legs. I reply, show me. What do they immediately do? Squat down with their knees headed out over their toes!!! I gasped, in horror. No one explains to these future health care workers to initiate the movement with the hips…then the legs will become involved and well as the gluteus!
The old saying, if I knew then what I know now…is so true! I wish I would have know FOUNDATION TRAINING when I was a college athlete! Well, you can not go back. So, I will move forward.
If you suffer from back pain, or your job is causing you physical problems….contact me. Foundation Training is going to make you feel better, make you AWARE of how you sit, stand, walk. FT will make you AWARE of your head being way to forward. FT will make you AWARE of where your feet are positioned while walking or even just standing. Remember, we pretty much create our own imbalances because of our posture and our everyday repetitive movement patterns. All, you need is some AWARENESS! FT can give you AWARENESS and corrective exercises to make new movement patterns.
Contact me…I can teach private, small group or even do corporate workshops. If you own a business…treat your staff to a better pain free body. We practice FT at our office…it really does work!




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