80% of people suffer from low back pain

80% of people suffer from low back pain

These poses will decrease if not stop back pain.

These poses will decrease if not stop back pain.

Tue 8/5/14:
When our back “goes out” we are just about out of commission and/ or in pain. It hurts to sit, stand, walk and lay down. The term we use, ” my back is out” usually means muscles are extremely tight and a bones or joint has moved or rotated causing muscle to get even tighter… I have been there many times in the past. I have walked around bent or slanted sideways for weeks at a time.
Back Facts
•80% of Americans will have a back injury that requires medical attention
•Back injuries are the second most common cause of lost work time, next to the common cold
•Back injuries occur more often at home than they do at work
•Injured backs are often subject to reinjury
•In addition to missed work, there may be
a lifetime of pain
Most back pain is caused by our own bad habits… Sitting to much, lack of exercise, poor posture, staring our our computers and phones all day long, weight gain, poor lifting technique.
Most of these habits start very early now because kids carry heavy backpacks and do not get outside and move their bodies.
Most back pain is preventable…
FOUNDATION TRAINING will prevent back pain and will decrease back pain if you already suffer. Learn FT! I practice FT daily and my back is practically pain free. FT is all about turning on the posterior chain again….it has been gradually put to sleep over the years. FT will turn the chain back on…stretch it and strengthen it. Now the posterior chain will help correct your posture, your hips will hinge again, your core will be activated. You will be able to decompress your spine with breathing.
Contact me for an evaluation of your posture.  Click on Foundation Training in bottom left hand sidebar to order the book or DVD.   They have great instruction, pictures, and workouts.  If you want to change the way you feel learn FOUNDATION TRAINING!

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