Tue Aug 5,2014:
STRESS…Life is to short to be stressed out all the time. Stress causes a lot of bad things to happen in the body. In my younger day I did not handle stress very well. I have always been wired a little on the tighter side. As I have aged, as I have grown in my more sober days, and as I have just gained a little wisdom…I really do manage stress better. Every now and then when something really uncomfortable happens and stresses me out I see and feel the difference in my body.
Mental Attitude: Two Explanations for the Link Between Stress & Heart Attack.
Scientists may have a better understanding of why ongoing stress raises an individual’s risk of having a heart attack. They believe stress triggers the body to make extra disease-fighting white blood cells, and this can cause inflammation in the arteries of people with a condition called atherosclerosis, where the artery walls are thickened by a buildup of plaque. Other studies suggest that stress causes blood to clot differently. Both factors can lead to reduced blood flow to the heart.
Nature Medicine, June 2014
To manage stress I pretty much just manage my days by doing what I’m supposed to do. I watch my diet, get my exercise, do my Foundation. Training, do my job at the office, share my healthy lifestyle ways with anyone I can, and laugh with my friends. Enjoy life, enjoy the people in your life. Get out side and move, breathe deeply. Be grateful for where we are and what we have…life really is to short and we really have nothing to be stressed about.
Life the life people!!!

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