Fri Aug 29,2014:
Labor Day weekend has arrived!!! SEC football kicked of last night with an OLE MISS win. The long weekend is starting off nicely.
The 30 day FOUNDER CHALLENGE is over tomorrow. I got my Founders in easily…because I do FT everyday!



Learn FOUNDATION. TRAINING! Once you know the exercises you will have a tool for life that is “self care”. Self care is free and comes in handy. A little Foundation Training everyday will help keep spine lengthened, core muscles strengthen, keep new muscles patterns engrained, and just make you feel better! Everyone feels better after muscular work! Everyone feels better when they are not in pain also! FT is your ticket….your self care ticket!!! Stop with the meds….stop with the doctor visits to get the meds. Start taking care of yourself. Go back and read some of the articles I have written. Click on the FT tab and listen to Dr. Goodman about causes of back pain. We have caused most of our pain issues ourselves…poor posture, to much sitting, lack of movement, overweight, poor diets, smoking….all these things lead to body issues, muscle issues, joint issues. It is a fact! That pill you take will not change anything! The steroid shot is temporary…not a fix!
Get up and do the work…it is not that difficult to take care of yourself! Start caring about your body and your health…it is your future…
My rant is over. Have a safe Labor Day!





Once you start learning FOUNDATION TRAINING and have developed some body awareness…you should automatically be able to add the better movement patterns to everything you do. Look at the photos. Load the dishwasher with the hips back, chest up, core tightened. This is a back saver! Pick the kids up with more support from the hips,butt and hamstrings. Play sports and work out with better posture…you will perform better and prevent injury.
The whole purpose of FOUNDATION TRAINING is to incorporate it into your everyday life….no matter what you do all day long.
FT makes a great workout all on its own, but the greatest gift it offers is body awareness so that you can work on body mechanics. I practice FT a little everyday and it has changed the way I think about fitness, my posture and my movement patterns.


Tue 8/26/14:
What is core stability? Core stability consists of the ability to provide enough simultaneous muscle contraction to produce stiffness. This ability protects the spine and pelvic regions during movement. There are a number of muscles involved in the process of muscular contraction. What’s important to know is the strength of the muscles is not so important as the ability to fire these muscles. You have to be able to turn the muscle on before you can work on the endurance and strength part.
You need core stability to prevent injury, to prevent over stressing muscles that move joints and to generate power.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is an excellent way to work on training your core. FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about turning on the transverse abdominus and breathing thru the diaphragm to expand the ribcage. So many muscles attached to the spine and pelvic region are going to wake up and fire! Not just all the large muscle, but a lot of the smaller ones that are really deep and hard to get to.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about learning to stabilize the pelvis. FT will fire the glutei and adductors… Most people just use their glutei to sit on! If the pelvis is not stabilized you are going to have back pain.
If your doctor has instructed you to strengthen your core….please don’t start doing sit ups!!!! Learn FOUNDATION!
Contact with any questions or to set up an appointment to get started feeling better.



Mon 8/25/14:
What exactly is your core? Why is the core so important? The core is so much more than just some stomach muscles in front of you body. I like to think of the pelvis as the center of the core and the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back muscles, abdominal muscles, obliques, pelvic muscles, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. All these core muscles should be strong and stable and work together to support your frame and allow the muscles to do their job with movement and joint support.
The core plays a role in all of our postures standing, sitting, laying down on our back and stomach, and being on our hands and knees. Most of us walk around all day with our core turned off. We have poor posture and weak muscles. Just take a look in the mirror and what do you see? Slumped shoulders, slanted shoulders, maybe a high hip, feet pointed out? Now, try to stand up taller, lift that chest off your pelvis. Looks better? Now, how do you get that lifted look?
You have to first become aware of your postural habits and how your body presently moves….then start applying some changes. The best program on the market for body awareness is FOUNDATION TRAINING. I say this about FT pretty much everyday because I know it works. Foundation Training will turn your body awareness on…then you just have to apply the exercises into your daily routine. Foundation Training is going to strengthen muscles to help keep that rib cage lifted of your pelvis. Foundation Training is going to stretch those hamstrings and hip flexors so that you can get some mobility in your hips. Foundation training is just going to make you feel better!
Now, do not get me wrong…I still believe in a short work out. I prefer Bodyweight style… Some push-ups, squats, different kinds of planks, mountain climbers, step ups, jump jacks, rows… So many to choose from.
All the above exercises work muscles of the core! The key is to do them with proper posture…learn FOUNDATION TRAINING and you will know what good posture feels like.
Have a great Monday…




FT at race....

FT at race….

FT at the beach

FT at the beach

FT. At the office

FT. At the office

Thur 8/21/14:

What exactly is the posterior chain?  Actually, it is the most important group of muscles in your body…yet they are often neglected and mistreated.  The major muscles of the group include the glutes, hamstrings and calves.  Why are these muscles so important?   They are the primary muscles group to stabilize and extended. Why are the so mistreated?  The majority of the population sit on their glutes all day long. In essence, this causes shortness and tightness  which caused the quads to take over.  This repeated pattern causes the quads to take over stabilization and extension when this is not their main role.  This all leads to muscle imbalance.  Our society today is conditioned to sitting…technology has us sitting to much.  Lack of movement has become an epidemic leading to poor health.

I could write down all the anatomy words that are used to explain this dysfunction, but readers may quit reading… So I’ll try to simplify.  Basically, the front of the body takes over the back of the body.   You are compromising yourself mechanically when the posterior chain (back of the body) is not working properly.  You are going to have back problems,  joint problems, arthritic problems, after awhile even internal problems.

The simplest way to work on this posterior chain weakness is to think about the hips.  It s all about the hips!  YOU MUST WORK THE HIPS TO PROTECT THE SPINE!   It’s a fact.  If you do not use the hips there is increased motion in the spine.  If you have poor hip mobility the spine is going to try and help the hip move…this is not what you want!  Learn to use the hips.

FOUNDATION TRAINING is all about using the posterior chain.  FT is all about re-learning movement patterns.  Most of us as children moved freely, we had great movement patterns…our joints moved freely.  So many people want to blame their lack of mobility and their pain issues on getting older.  In reality, most people once past college age just do exercise or work on their bodies.  They settle in to the 8-5 routine, sit at a desk, start a family, gain weight and start developing this bad postures thru the years.  Even those who do exercise or go to the gym do not even realize they have imbalances, so they are accentuating the imbalances.  For example: men love to bench press and do bicep curls…but they will not spend the same amount do time on their back and triceps.  Why?  Because they are not the “mirror” muscles….the ones that show…the ones that make them feel good!

Learn Foundation Training!  It is simple and quick.  It can be done at your desk, at your game, on the golf course, during half time, during your run, before and/ or after your workout…..anywhere…anytime!  FT will make a difference in your body, your performance and the way you move.




Treatment is movement...

Treatment is movement…

Wed 8/20/2014:
An estimated 80 percent of Americans will suffer from chronic back pain at some point in life. Nearly 30 percent may be struggling with persistent or chronic back pain right now,1 leading many to resort to prescription painkillers, expensive steroid shots or even surgery.
This despite the fact that, in most cases, back pain is a result of simple mechanical problems relating to poor posture or improper movement, which are best prevented and managed by regular exercise and strengthening your back and abdominal muscles.
Research has shown that back pain is continually being treated with x-rays that are not needed and addictive medications. These medications only treat the symptoms…not the cause. Back pain is one of the leading causes to addiction and it needs to stop.
Our society needs to get up and move, loose weight, work on their posture, make adjustments at work, retrain their body to move better….these things are the causes…the causes need to be worked on. The pain is a symptom from the cause. You will be on the medications for life or worse…become immobile altogether…if you don’t start working on the causes!
Since poor posture and/or improper movement is to blame for most cases of back pain, one of the best things you can do to prevent and manage back pain is to exercise regularly and keep your back and abdominal muscles strong. Foundation Training—an innovative method developed by Dr. Eric Goodman to treat his own chronic low back pain—is an excellent alternative to the medicated treatments that are prescribed. The program is inexpensive and can be surprisingly helpful, as these exercises are designed to help you strengthen your entire core and move the way nature intended.
Many people fail to realize that many times back pain actually originates from tension and imbalance at a completely different place than where the pain is felt. For example, the very act of sitting for long periods of time ends up shortening the iliacus, psoas and quadratus lumborum muscles that connect from your lumbar region to the top of your femur and pelvis. When these muscles are chronically short, it can cause severe pain when you stand up as they will effectively pull your lower back (lumbar) forward.
READERS…listen up! Back pain is very real and it really does hurt and affect your life. I know this as I suffered since high school which progressively worsened throughout my life. NOW I KNOW! Start today treating the causes of your back pain…not the symptom!
I have practice FOUNDATION TRAINING for almost one year now…my back pain has dramatically decreased! My posture is better, I stand at work way more than sitting, I am aware of how I move now. I still see my chiropractor once per month to keep my well lined up. I still see my massage therapist every month to work on my muscles. Spend your money on what works!




Tue Aug 19,2014:
There’s growing evidence that good posture contributes to a range of health benefits, from reducing back and joint pain to boosting mood. Health-care practitioners from physical therapists to surgeons to psychologists increasingly take posture into account when evaluating patients, and offer tips and tools for improvement.
Good posture doesn’t just mean standing with the shoulders thrown back. More important is maintaining good alignment, with ears over the shoulders, shoulders over hips, and hips over the knees and ankles. Body weight should be distributed evenly between the feet. Actually, you should be aware of your posture all the the day. How am I walking? Where are my feet pointing? Am I leaning forward? Are my ears over my shoulders? How long have I been sitting? You have to know what good posture is in order to correct your poor posture.
FOUNDATION TRAINING will teach you awareness of you posture and movement patters. FOUNDATION TRAINING will teach you to “feel” how you move your body. FOUNDATION TRAINING will correct a lot of poor posture issues.
We live in an electronic age…we have become trained to stare at a computer all day. Even I do it! I work all day in a dentist office at a computer. I come home and get on a computer to write these articles. Technology is awesome in a lot of ways, but it is killing us physically. We have got to change our ways!  We have got to sit in better posture at our desks and, we have  got to get up from the desks more often and align ourselves back up.

Good health is everything! Having good posture will help you have good health!  Move those bodies, breathe deeply, stand tall, eat well, stretch and strengthen.  Some things are out of our control…but working on your body is not.  Take charge today!





Monday Aug 18, 2104
POSTURE… Is the one thing that each and everyone of us can work on and improve is our posture. Posture is something most of us just don’t think about, but now for me it’s all I think about.
Good posture is important because it helps your body function at top speed. It promotes movement efficiency and endurance and contributes to an overall feeling of well-being.
Good posture is also good prevention. If you have poor posture, your bones are not properly aligned, and your muscles, joints, and ligaments take more strain than nature intended. Faulty posture may cause you fatigue, muscular strain, and, in later stages, pain. Many individuals with chronic back pain can trace their problems to years of faulty postural habits. In addition, poor posture can affect the position and function of your vital organs, particularly those in the abdominal region.
Your back has 3 natural curves in it- a cervical, thoracic and a lumbar. Maintaining these 3 natural curves thru life means you have a healthy back.
In order for this to happen a person needs strong abdominal muscles along with strong gluteal and leg muscles to support the back. The real work horse in movement are the hips and gluteal muscles…these muscles will support the back. Your hip, knee and ankle joint are meant to balance out the natural curves in the back when you move. When a kink develops problems are on the way.
If you have poor posture you most likely have muscle imbalances…this leads to the posterior muscle chain not work smoothly and efficiently as it should. You most likely have tight muscles most likely on one side of the body. You may have nagging pain. Your joints may hurt or not move as good as they could because the muscles are so tight. The list of symptoms can go on and on. Symptoms are warning signals….work on your posture and these very symptoms listed can be relieved if not eliminated.
Give FOUNDATION TRAINING a try! Foundation Training will address poor posture, the posterior chain, weak muscles, weak glutei, flexibility issues, poor balance and more. We can all improve our posture…do that and you will improve a lot of other body issues. Contact me for a session or click on the Foundation Training tab visit their site or order a DVD.


Thur 8-14-14:
Good morning everyone. Getting closer to the weekend….Whoop whoop!
Let’s talk movement…my favorite subject!
Most of us…myself included will head off to our jobs today and sit behind our desk and get busy doing our tasks. Did you know that muscle will adapt to a position after only 20 minutes? So, if you sit at your desk for 30 minutes straight your muscles have adapt to that position. Most likely tightness in the hip flexor because it shortens when you sit. Most likely roundness in the mid back area because most of us lean over when we sit so those traps are lifted up…pulling on our low back and tightening our shoulders and neck.
When you stand up you can feel all that tightness trying to straighten up. Those tight muscles pull on our bones and can move them out of position causing all types of discomfort.
Let’s get one thing clear…sciatica, bulging discs, inflammation, back pain, tightness in the muscles are all symptoms. These symptoms are very real and very uncomfortable! I have had many of them myself throughout my life. The thing is we cause many of these symptoms our self….it’s true! Our society is getting lazier and lazier. We do not move enough…some people barely move at all.
First, we have to start moving. Secondly, we have to start moving more correctly. Yes, even those of us who do workout, run races, bike, and play sports need to work on movement patters. I have done the above activities all my live and have suffered with back issues since high school. Now I know!!!
Make your commitment today to start moving! It is going to make you feel better! Get up from that desk every 10-15 minutes. Just stand up. You have to start somewhere.
FOUNDATION TRAINING will 100% change the way you feel and move! FOUNDATION TRAINING strong>will teach awareness so that you can correct your posture and movement patterns.
If you want to feel better…if you want to be healthier…if you want your body to work better…make the choice to change…
MOVEMENT MATTERS! Don’t reach for a pill, don’t lie down …these 2 choices only makes the problem worse. Your symptoms can be relieved and even completely eliminated if you work on posture and movement patterns.
A great place to start is with FOUNDATION TRAINING!
The choice is yours…feel better and know what you are doing or stay lazy and medicated.





Tue Aug12 2014:
The one thing is we can all get control of is our posture. Poor posture is the leading cause to muscle imbalance, injury, and the dreaded back pain.
Posture affects everyone…toddlers, school children, high school athletes, seniors, white collar, blue collar…EVERYONE!
FOUNDATION TRAINING will help so many posture issues…
FOUNDATION TRAINING is posterior chain training.
In this day and age that we live in with fancy comfy curved lounge chairs, car seats…with all the computers, cell phones, and other gadgets that barely let us “think” or “move”. We are becoming a society of bent over people who barely do anything for ourselves anymore.
Get up out of your chair and practice Foundation Training through out your day. Decompress. Stretch your spine. Move your body.
I teach Foundation Training and is an awesome way to take care of your muscles through out the day….no matter what your occupation is.
If you can not come to me for Foundation Training… Buy a DVD to learn the exercises or click on the “find a trainer” tab. Contact me or click on the link…you will be glad you did!



Foundation Training can be done anywhere…! It only takes a minute or 2 to decompress, breathing in the oxygen we need to feel better, and to stretch and strengthen our core, hips, back…and the whole posterior chain!