Thur 7/31/14:
As I have written before on the harmful effects of sitting before… I read an article from Dr.Mercola on the harmful effects of sitting, so I thought I would go over this topic again. Click on this link to read the entire article and look at the exercises provided you can do right at your desk.
Most of us go to our jobs everyday to sit behind a desk and do paperwork, crunch numbers, check people out, do internet work, or no telling what else.
There was a study done showing a person needs to get up every 15 minutes to counteract the harmful effects from sitting. That’s over 30 times per day in an 8 hour day.
Everyone… This topic is important! Sitting causes so many body problems…which can lead to internal health problems. Let’s take control of this problem! Every 15 minutes stand up…do some decompression breathing. Do a FOUNDER. Walk down the hall. Step outside if the weather is nice and breathe fresh air.
Of course, I purpose learning FOUNDATION TRAINING to stretch and strengthen your posterior muscles. Practicing FT daily…you will automatically know when you are sitting poorly, slumping your shoulders, walking with your feet pointing outward, stomach just hanging there. Practicing FT daily…you will know how to correct these poor body mechanics which lead to improper movement patterns. These improper movements patters are the ticket to back pain, and health problems. You can counteract the effects from sitting and any other repetitive activity with Foundation Training.
Click on Foundation Training in the bottom left hand side bar to order the book and/or DVD. The DVD is very easy to learn from and you will change the way you think about moving! Of course, i would love to teach you or your group…just message me.



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