Wed. 7/30/14:
Reminding readers the Founder A Day Challenge starts Fri Aug 1st. Learn the mechanics of the Founder. The Founder is simple to do, so effective and your whole body will feel better.
The first think I do in the mornings as I drag to the kitchen for coffee and pet feedings is a big “decompression pose”! My chest raises, lungs fill up, weight shifts to my heels and I just get as tall as possible….feels great! If people would just do decompression breathing thru out the day the world would be a happier place because everyone would feel better from just taking in bigger doses of oxygen into their lungs, cells, and muscle tissue. This makes total sense.
After coffee, I take Maggie out for her business. While she’s walking around doing her thing…I do mine. I’ll do a little more breathing, some Founders with movement….feels awesome outside in the early morning hours….really gets me energized and ready for my day!
LEARN FOUNDATION TRAINING! I can teach you. The book and the DVD can be purchased from my site. Just click on Foundation Training in the bottom left hand corner. You can go to You Tube and see a short video. Learning FT is a necessary as drinking water everyday!
Call me or write me to look at your posture and see where your weak link is.


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