Monday July 14,2014
That was a quick weekend that just past! I’m up early getting this post completed and off to the gym then the dentist office. I do have a desk job just like so many other millions of people. Luckily, my job does require a lot of moving around in the office. Also, knowing all I know about the body…I would not dare stay glued to that chair all day. This leads to my topic of the day…posture at your desk.
I will show you a picture of poor posture at a desk and a picture of good posture at a desk. If you see yourself in the poor posture position…start today making corrections. The corrections will feel different…maybe even uncomfortable, but you must start applying the proper technique. Notice when you make the corrections how quickly you return to the old posture. That’s because your muscles remember the old posture…it more comfortable, but it is going to disfigure you over time and cause so many pain issues because of the muscles imbalances you are creating.
FOUNDATION TRAINING will lengthen these muscles and strengthen them in no time. I practice proper sitting everyday and thanks to FOUNDATION TRAINING…I have great body awareness and can hold positions for longer periods of time. Because of FOUNDATION TRAINING…It’s just more natural to sit and stand properly…saving my back and neck! When I do feel tightness starting to happen I know what to do!
One of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is to learn FOUNDATION TRAINING.
Contact me for more information. I teach privately or you can get a group together. You can even buy the DVD or learn from the book if that is your style. Click on FT/MOVEMENT MATTERS in the bottom left hand corner to order.
Study the pictures…then let me know how you did implementing the changes. Have a great Monday and let’s get healthier together!



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