Sun July 13, 2014
Yesterday I was contemplating what I would write about for today to promote Foundation Training. So, I took a trip to the mall…not to shop but to people watch. So, I parked myself on a bench and just watched people.
I saw all kinds of people…mostly overweight people, mostly people with poor posture, mostly people with imbalances just screaming to be helped.
You can see the feet pointed outward. You can see the rotation in the hip area thru their clothes. You can see the slant in their shoulders. No one walks tall. So many had their heads so far in front of their shoulders just pulling on their traps and rounding their backs. I just want to stop them one by one and and align them better so they can feel the difference. I would venture to deduce from all my watching a lot of these people already have pain issues which will only worsen as their days turn into years.
I could help so many people with Foundation Training. These very same people would learn from Foundation Training how to align their body better, how to move properly. They could actually walk tall with hips over ankles and that head pulled back over their shoulders. Foundation Training would give them the strength and flexibility their muscles need to walk tall.
My wish is to one day go to the mall and sit on a bench to people watch…just imagine if everyone walked around with their head up, shoulders down and a beautiful gait with feet headed straight ahead!!! Imagine if people walked around like they had energy and like they were glad to be here. I believe it can happen! FOUNDATION TRAINING will make it happen for these people.
If you are one of the people I have written about in this article click on the FT/MOVEMENT MATTERS link in the bottom left hand corner to order the FT book and/or DVD to start learning to improve your life.
I am happy to teach those of you in my area in person where you can be evaluated. For those of you not in my area get the DVD and the book. The pictures in the book are great and the instruction on the DVD is very good. I can always be reached if you have any question on how to do any of the movements. I can also connect you with an instructor if you are not in my area.
Everyone needs FOUNDATION TRAINING. Foundation Training will correct all the posture issues in the photo below!



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