Sat. July 5th,2014:
OK everyone…it’s the day after 4th of July. We are officially into the second half of the year. We have at least 2 months of sweltering heat to look forward to. Then FOOTBALL starts!!!! Then awesome fall weather with plenty of golf for me, then the holidays. Plenty of good things to look forward to.
Let’s get motivated my friends. We live in a great country and a great state. Make the most of your opportunities. Enter a 5k. Join a tennis league, start playing golf. Join a gym. Commit to walking a mile after dinner in the evening. We have biking trails. Do your own yard work. You have to make your own exercise! Life is short…it is shorter if you don’t take care of that body!
At the July 4th gathering I went to yesterday I got to talk a little about Foundation Training and demonstrate just a little. Learn Foundation Training…it’s a workout all on its own!
Start changing the way you think. Instead of I’m to tired to exercise say, I need to do my exercise so I will have energy. Go to bed at night 1 hour earlier…we need 7-8 hours of good sleep. You have to want to change your bad habits…the best way to start is by changing your thought process.
Make your health the most important part of your life!
Have a great day! Don’t forget MOVEMENT MATTERS!



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