Sat June 21,2014
Today is officially the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. The good news is at least it’s on a Saturday. It will be a sultry 93 day today.
For those of you reading who do not live in the south…our heat is just plain “steamy” this time of year. You can step outside at 4 am to let the dog out and break a sweat just standing there. Enough about the weather.
Let’s talk a little healthy lifestyle.
Get yourselves outside today! I know it is hot…but the action is outside in the air. Do some yard work…it does count as exercise. Take a bike ride, walk a nature trail. Get in the shade and do a few Foundation Training exercises and decompress. Go to the kids baseball game… Have a cookout or better yet go to someone else’s! Just get out of the house! The good air is outside…
I for one will have a golf lesson…practice a little. Have some yard work and errands to get done. I am going to hit a friends cookout and catch some OLE MISS baseball! WIN BABY….almost to that final game.
Newsletters going out tomorrow…check your e-mail.
Have a great longest day of the year…have some FUN!


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