Monday May 19, 2014
Here we go…Monday Madness. I am up and have a very busy schedule this week.
Wanted to take a minute to talk about the weekend I just had. No, I’m not going to talk about my yard work or my golf game… I’ ll talk about my Foundation Training experience.
I have worked with a lot of different people since I began teaching FT last November. Most of the people are your average everyday people. A lot of them already do some form of exercise, and move a round well. These people catch on quick to FT and see what I am talking about with their posture and movement patterns. They love FT and feel the difference in their bodies. This is awesome.
I am now running across some clients who are completely opposite. These clients have absolutely no body awareness, most of these people do very little exercise, and their movement patterns are so terrible. This particular person I worked with Saturday needs FT desperately.
Body type lordotic, extreme forward head, feet pointed out, overweight, and complains of pain daily. As I showed her how some of her posture contributes to the pain you could see some light bulbs flashing. I placed her in some better posture positions and she was amazed at the different feelings. Amazed at how terrible week her thoracic area was from that forward head. I added some breathing work and barely touched on hinging, but gave her enough to start practicing daily at home.
Everyone needs Foundation Training! People like the client above really need it because they are really close to being non-mobile completely and their pain is only going to get worse. Imagine a client like this falling and breaking a hip…
Foundation Training is medicine! If you are ready to give it a try just let me know. If you know of someone who really needs FT just message me.
FT works…will improve movement patterns…and will make you feel better!
Have a great day and for those of you who know Foundation Training…do a founder!


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