Sitting Kills-Get Up and Move!

FOUNDATION TRAINING will cure this terrible habit and posture. FOUNDATION TRAINING will cure the symptoms created from this daily habit most people have.
Thank you to fellow FT Instructor. Beth Alexander for the insight to this habit we all do on a regular basis. We can all do better.
Message me to set up Foundation Training instruction. Beth teaches in Santa Barbara, Ca. You can visit the website asee if there is a trainer in your area.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is easy to learn. Just a few lessons will change your life…

Beth Alexander Fitness

It’s true–sitting for prolonged periods of time contributes to significant health issues. Our bodies were not made to sit for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (maybe more if you count that post-work House of Cards marathon). There are negative effects from your head to your toes when you sit for long periods of time… the Washington Post has outlined just some of the issues in this graphic below, and I’ve listed some of my top tips for avoiding these conditions underneath it.

Sitting copy

Exercise helps to counteract these effects–so take a break, stand up, move around, and then come back for some of my top tips on how to address these issues.

Environmental Changes

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