A Little R&R

Wed. 5/8/14:
FINALLY!!!!! My long weekend vacation is here. Off to the beach and golf course early tomorrow morning. My 2 buds and I planned this trip a couple of months ago. All 3 of us have been going through some stressful times lately and said, let’s just pick a date and get out of here. So, we did. We committed to rain or shine we would take a long weekend to just rest, recharge and just have some fun. I miss having fun….
With that being said, no newsletter this coming weekend, no talking about work…or doing any work. I will do some Foundation Training on the beach like my California friends do…because I think it will feel great and relax me.
Will post some pics.
If any of you are going through some stressful times right now…remember we still have to take care of ourselves. Take a break…even if you can only manage a day. “Something’s” just are. Sometimes we just can’t fix things. We have to adjust and accept. BREATHE to relax….Decompression breathing will relax and give you strength. Hopefully, I am on my way to better times…my friends also….
Have a great rest of the week and weekend.


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