Mon 4/21/14:
Welcome to Monday… The day after the glorious sunny weekend we just had. I do believe spring is finally here! Sure has been slow arriving this year!
Anyway, back to Monday and all the things that are required of us.
Of course, after I write this article off to the gym I’ll go for a little Foundation Training and a quick Bodyweight workout. Taking care of the ole body is the most important thing I do each day. Then off to Mid Town Dental for another day in the trenches. Taking care of your oral health is important also. There is so much bacteria in the mouth and those 6 month check ups prevent a lot of money being spent later to fix things. If you need a good dentist in the Jackson, Ms area give me a call at 601-355-5275.
Finally, getting to play in a golf tournament in Laurel this coming Saturday.
I missed pretty much all of last season due to several circumstances….so, I am looking forward to being competitive again. Relaxation, is just another element in being healthy. I just have to get away sometimes and just have fun. I love playing golf, competing, and hanging with my friends….
It de-stresses me…even tho if you watch me play golf I’m not very relaxed!!! LOL!!!
Then, of course…my other element of good health is sleep. I love to get my 7-8 hours of sleep. Luckily, for me I lived a while back burning the candle at both ends. So, there is nothing out there after 8 pm I need or want to do. I still wonder sometimes how I made it way back when? Guess it really doesn’t matter…long as I can do better now.
Let’s get up…have that cup of Java, do a Founder and a quick workout, get to those offices and be thankful for where we are. Have a great day…


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