Sun April 13,2014
Whoop whoop Whoop….I believe today we will see some “MAGIC” at the Masters today. There are probable 15 people with real possibilities of winning. Once they arrive at number 10…hold on for the ride!! We will see spectacular shots, shots that we a foot from being a spectacular shot. We will see fragile shaky nerves as well as nerves of steel. We might see a 20 year old win…or a 50 year old. All I know is with the people in contention…we are going to see some shot making!!! The golfers still in it with only 3 or 4 holes left are going to show us something special…they will be in a position to conjure up “MAGIC”. For those of you who play golf and who love golf…you know what I’m talking about. Even those of you who just love sports and a good battle…you know what I’m taking about. I, like a great Super Bowl, World Series, Wimbledon, Olympics …and any other completion where the best bring their best. Trust me, The Masters has every element as in it as other sports…probably more.
Bring it on! Men’s golf is on the rise and rising….especially if Speith or Fowler put that green jacket on. Can’t wait to see what happens…..
Also, a big shout out to Jonathan Randolph, right here from Brandon, Ms. Jonathan, is in Mexico tied for 5th (1 stroke out) in a web.com event. He is also 15th on the money list on the Web tour. The top 25 at the end of the year get a PGA card…if I’m not mistaken? Let’s go Jonathan….make your own “magic” today!

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