My Foundation Training Anniversary!

Good morning everyone. believe it or not I actually have a little extra time this morning. How that happened…I don’t really know?
Life has been busy for me lately. The dentist office is busy and then factor in my personal training and Foundation Training clients….it’s all good though!
I’m working with several new over 65 women with Foundation Training. They are loving it and can’t believe how much better they feel. I have one or two really working on improving their balance also.
I have another client who has had a fusion already several years on her lower back. She was so cautious when I first started with her. We have been working a month or so now. After we finished the session she said, I just want to tell you I have not had one back spasm since we started Foundation Training! That was music to my ears!!! She said, I have worked so hard at being careful and not doing to much to protect my back….when I should have been moving all along and keep these muscles stretched and strong.
Foundation Training helped that particular lady, FT has helped everyone I have worked with, and FT helped me. I do a little FT everyday and my back is virtually pain free now. I started Foundation Training April 2013. As I write this article I’m just realizing it’s been one year!!! Whoop whoop!!! I knew the first time I did some of these FT exercises…I had found something special.
I have always had visions of back surgery at some point in my life….that’s how bad I have hurt for so long. I do not have that nightmare in my head anymore. No surgery, no pain meds…..just better movement patterns!
Need help, need guidance, need a few lessons…just contact me.
Foundation Training works and movement matters!
Have a great hump day!


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