Stevey’s Update

Wed March 26,2013:
Hello everyone. I have been away from writing about 2 weeks now. Everything is fine and life is good…it is just so busy. Life at the dentist office keeps me busy. Then Foundation Training is really doing well. I love doing my private classes. What’s even better the people I am teaching need the work. I have a group of 70 plus year olds that I’m working with. They are a delightful bunch of women. These ladies are very active in organizations around town and they want to move better and feel better. One lady is getting her knee replaced April 7th. She is working with me and a physical therapist in preparation. She is so hopeful of being more stable and out of pain. I have stressed to her after that knee is in the real work begins. Therapy and Foundation Training are the correct prescription to improve her quality of life! I’ll report more on her later.
The weather in Mississippi is trying to be springlike. I have started back working on my golf game…hoping to get to the big tournaments this year.
My biggest event in progress right now is my new car purchase. Should get it today….2014 Nissan Altima SL. Can’t believe I’m back in a car vs a SUV?
I just couldn’t find a SUV that I really wanted. They make the cargo space so narrow now in the mid size SUV…my clubs don’t fit well. I liked the new Rogue a lot, but it can not take bumps very well. The Altima drives so well, looks so elegant on the inside, and I got a great deal….plus the gas mileage. I just had to go with it. I think I’ll be happy in it.
That’s all for now. I’ll try and get back more regular.
Follow some of the practices below and life will be better!!!!Whoop Whoop!
Hope everyone is working out, eating better, and living life to the fullest!




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