Monday March 3,2014:
Another Monday has arrived…
What a beautiful weekend here in Ms. Sunny, 70’s, springlike weather! Played some golf, a little yard work, worked on the dirt in my garden…
NOT SO FAST….woke up to bone chilling rain, wind, with as matter of ice!
Only in the south! Now we have 2 days of frigid air….just as long as it warms up by the weekend.

It’s amazing what the sunshine will do for your mood. It calms me so.
I have been really busy with my full time job at the dentist and then doing so much Foundation Training. The sunshine and being able to get outside sure was nice. Gave me time to think and get my priorities together. I can’t be all work and no play…I never was designed like that! Work is work…even if you love it! I need balance….everyone needs balance! Don’t forget your play time! Life is short….play, laugh, LIVE!

Everyone have a great Monday and a great week….get those workouts in, do your Foundation Training, and take care of those bodies!



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