Monday morning…last day of March…can you believe it?
First of all thanks for the Birthday greetings I have received. It was a good birthday and I appreciate all the kind thoughts. I am thankful for my good health, decent attitude, and friends…so that I may enjoy such events.
Just another reason why I get on this blog and write about health and fitness. Our health is pretty much the most important thing we have. Most people don’t think about it until they are to overweight, can’t take a flight of stairs, won’t get outside and move…..
I think about health and fitness everyday….
Make today be the day you start thinking about your health!
Get up and start moving that body. Start paying attention to what you put in your body. The formula is simple…eat fruits, veggies, and move that body!
I am not working towards retirement to sit on my rump, to go see a doctor every week for 10 different ailments.
Some things in life are not in our control…that’s a fact. What we eat and how we take care of our body is in our control…that’s a fact!
Start today!
Off I go now….have a great day.

Stevey’s Update

Wed March 26,2013:
Hello everyone. I have been away from writing about 2 weeks now. Everything is fine and life is good…it is just so busy. Life at the dentist office keeps me busy. Then Foundation Training is really doing well. I love doing my private classes. What’s even better the people I am teaching need the work. I have a group of 70 plus year olds that I’m working with. They are a delightful bunch of women. These ladies are very active in organizations around town and they want to move better and feel better. One lady is getting her knee replaced April 7th. She is working with me and a physical therapist in preparation. She is so hopeful of being more stable and out of pain. I have stressed to her after that knee is in the real work begins. Therapy and Foundation Training are the correct prescription to improve her quality of life! I’ll report more on her later.
The weather in Mississippi is trying to be springlike. I have started back working on my golf game…hoping to get to the big tournaments this year.
My biggest event in progress right now is my new car purchase. Should get it today….2014 Nissan Altima SL. Can’t believe I’m back in a car vs a SUV?
I just couldn’t find a SUV that I really wanted. They make the cargo space so narrow now in the mid size SUV…my clubs don’t fit well. I liked the new Rogue a lot, but it can not take bumps very well. The Altima drives so well, looks so elegant on the inside, and I got a great deal….plus the gas mileage. I just had to go with it. I think I’ll be happy in it.
That’s all for now. I’ll try and get back more regular.
Follow some of the practices below and life will be better!!!!Whoop Whoop!
Hope everyone is working out, eating better, and living life to the fullest!






Thur March 13,2014

How did we go from the little kid with strong limber and active body…that could anything….to the tight, bent, hunched over adult?
I work with people everyday in this predicament. Most people answer- it’s part of getting old. I disagree with that answer. For most of us pretty much after high school we just quit moving thru full range of motion. We grew up…joined the work force and just quit moving fully. We wake up, go to work, sit at the desk or stand on our feet all day…then we go home tired. We eat some dinner then relax by sitting some more watching TV.
We have stopped using our hips like the young girl in the picture. We have stopped moving like a kid.
I know, we are bigger, heavier, slower, busy, tired, stressed, and so many other things…but we still have to take care of the best machine on the planet….our bodies!
This is where foundation training comes in. If you can still move like the young girl in the picture…foundation training will keep you moving that way even longer and stronger. If you are stuck like the second picture…foundation training is going to straighten you up and make you feel so much better. You are not going to know how severely that desk job is crippling you until you come take just one foundation training lesson. Just one lesson is going to make a difference!
I am in the “baby boomer” generation. I am making it my personal mission while I’m still here on the planet….to help as many people re-gain control of their bodies. Foundation Training will improve posture, balance, flexibility, mobility….improve your body’s frame!
Contact me for an appointment…steveygaddis@

To Diet or Follow a Healthy Eating Plan


HEP - Healthy Eating Plan, I want to get fit and healthy and look better and lose weight HEP – Healthy Eating Plan

An all too common myth is that dieting, no matter the method, will make you healthy. Losing weight can be approached from two directions: the healthy and the unhealthy way. Making long term lifestyle choices will help you lead a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and get you to your healthy weight range while short term crash diets will set you up for failure.

As a Personal Trainer I am often faced with the topic of Nutrition and planning it. Rightfully so, as I believe it plays about a 70% role in the contribution towards the health and aesthetic goals you are looking to achieve. The saying: “You are what you Eat”, really rings true for me as our bodies are one of the most high performance, complex machines ever given to us. You wouldn’t just put any old oil or fuel in a Ferrari would you, well why then don’t we treat…

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Mon March 10:
Spring break week here in Ms. Wish the working class got a spring break!
Back to it today….office work, training work, FT teaching….it’s all good!
This is what I do.
Everyone get out there and move those bodies, practice FT thru the day. Take several 5 minute breaks and practice breathing and do a Founder….you’ll feel so much better.


Sat March 8
A beautiful Sat in Mississippi today. Gonna be 70 degrees and sunny!!! I’ll be able to get out and play a little golf today after a few Foundation Training sessions. Starting 2 new clients this morning.
Foundation Training is still progressing along nicely. Thanks to those who are practicing this method for sharing what they have learned. As I have stated numerous times…FT works. My clients who want to better themselves, improve their posture, their balance, their stability and most important get out of pain… their foundation exercises everyday…. Myself included.
The more I teach this and the more I see how FT helps so many people in different ways. After all everyone is different, everyone’s bodies are different…therefore imbalances, weaknesses, strengths all vary. From young to older, athletic to sedentary, weak to strong….FT improves everyone. Think back to your childhood days, college days, early 30’s…we could do anything physically! Never thought twice about movement. Never thought twice about picking something up, squatting down to get something. Now, as we have aged we have quit moving. We don’t play sports anymore, we don’t want to squat down and pick something up. The back is to tight, the knees hurt, the hip won’t bend…. This is not normal people! Foundation Training can help a lot of these issues. We have to move, we have to hinge (the correct way to bend)… Help yourselves….
Contact me to see up a session to see how Foundation Training can help improve weaknesses and/or your strengths. All the photo below involve Foundation Training. Regain control of your body…it’s imperative for your future….and it’s not that difficult! Be proactive with your body.






Monday March 3,2014:
Another Monday has arrived…
What a beautiful weekend here in Ms. Sunny, 70’s, springlike weather! Played some golf, a little yard work, worked on the dirt in my garden…
NOT SO FAST….woke up to bone chilling rain, wind, with as matter of ice!
Only in the south! Now we have 2 days of frigid air….just as long as it warms up by the weekend.

It’s amazing what the sunshine will do for your mood. It calms me so.
I have been really busy with my full time job at the dentist and then doing so much Foundation Training. The sunshine and being able to get outside sure was nice. Gave me time to think and get my priorities together. I can’t be all work and no play…I never was designed like that! Work is work…even if you love it! I need balance….everyone needs balance! Don’t forget your play time! Life is short….play, laugh, LIVE!

Everyone have a great Monday and a great week….get those workouts in, do your Foundation Training, and take care of those bodies!