Have a Great Weekend

Fri Feb 28, 2014:
Month number 2 in the books today. Finally, moving into springtime! YES!
I have been extremely busy…so much so that I’m behind on a few things. Hopefully, I will be caught up this weekend.
Foundation Training is growing and growing….it’s a good thing. Even though I am tired and having to work 6 and sometimes 7 days a week…
FT is going to help so many people….I gotta keep it going.
Eventually, the right opportunity will come along. I’m so grateful to all the people I have been able to teach so far. Not only am I helping them…they are telling others about how awesome FT is! That’s how you build a business!
Anyway, gotta go now. Another very busy day ahead of me. Looking forward to that 4 pm massage with Connie today at HANDS FOR HEALTH!
Everyone have a great weekend…we are in the 70’s…..

Movement Matters!

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