Mon 2/10/14:
Morning everyone…. I don’t have long to write. Gotta get MOVIN!
Newsletters went out yesterday. If you need or want one send me an e mail address.
Foundation Training is really starting to grow. A friend of mine contacted me Friday afternoon in excruciating back pain. She had just come from the massage therapist…the massage therapist said, call Stevey you need Foundation Training. She came to class Saturday morning with a pain level of 10 and stated, I may not be able to do much of this. I said, do what you can.
I always start with relaxed breathing and gentle standing stretches…raising the rib cage. After about 15 minutes she looked at me and said with a puzzled look…I feel better. She completed the class. When she was leaving I asked what’s your pain level now…she said as she thought…a 2! She said, this stuff is unbelievable! She said, I almost didn’t come because it was to much trouble to move. I sent her home with a prescription of short ice packs, most heat ( she has a hot tub), and gentle hinging and decompression breathing. S he came back yesterday for another round!
FT works people!!!
I have more stuff developing….but am out of time right now.

Everyone have a great day, get a workout in, eat right, and find a FT instructor! Happy Life!



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