Mon 2/3/14:
Monday morning after a terrible Super Bowl. I was for Denver…they were awful! They were awful because that Seattle defense was spectacular! No one wants such a lopsided game …. Anyway, can’t wait until August for a new season. GEAUX Saints!

Let’s get to the fitness talk! Just read a post from a fellow FT trainer, who talked about society’s lack of movement. I will expand on that.
I have been teaching FT about 4 months as of now. The more people I work with the more I see just how imbalanced all of are. It’s something I already knew, but just didn’t really focus on. People would hire me to train them…I give them exercises…I see the imbalances…and make adjustments as best I can. Thank goodness for Foundation Training…now I have a system to work on this improper movement patterns and imbalances first…then add some exercises.
It’s all about MOVEMENT if you want to be healthy…especially my generation of baby boomers and older seniors. Get up from that desk and stretch. At lunch…take a walk around your office…. Take decompression breaths thru out the day. The human body is meant to move…the body needs to move!
Foundation Training is your ticket to a healthier and pain free body! What you can learn in just one session will change the way you think about your movement.
I’m excited to teach this. I’m excited to see people come back to me standing up straight. I’m excited when people tell me the have had no back pain. I’m excited to share this with as many people as possible….
Gotta go now
Have a great Monday!




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