Sat 2/1/14:
Another busy Saturday. Finally some warmer weather…like it should be in the south.
Awesome class with my 7:30 FT client. She has really progressed. She walked in standing straight up, with a little speed to her step and her feet are finally starting to point a little more forward. She’s been practicing!!!!
She feels good and has more energy now….I love it when the client is really “getting” it.
After that I want to the gym for my group class. This is usually my more advanced class…one came that has only been once, but is extremely tight and needs a little extra work, and a new person came. I let her join in and just was careful what to let her do. After class we talked awhile…she’ll be back at 1 pm tomorrow to start from scratch! Also, another lady has been watching…she’s coming at one tomorrow also!
FT is really catching on!
Hope I can keep it going.
For anyone reading this…Foundation Training works! You will feel the incorrect movement patterns you do everyday…then you will feel correct movement patterns. Only then will FT start to make sense to you. Your body has to feel the muscle chains cut on, contact, stretch, etc.
Posture is the starting point. Fix that frame! You will move better…you will feel better.



If you stand or sit or walking like the walking need Foundation Training! You can straighten up. You can pull that chin in, you can get those shoulder blades back over your behind where they belong. You can get better and feel better…FOUNDATION TRAINING will correct a lot of thes imbalances.
If your back aches like the guy in the picture…FOUNDATION TRAINING can ease that up if not stop it! I’m not exaggerating either.

The sooner you contact me the sooner you will feel awesome like I do and “all” the people I have been working with the last 3 months!

Also, newsletters will start going out tomorrow. If you would like one…I need you e mail address. Have a great evening and Sunday!
I’m going for the Broncos tomorrow…31-14!

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