Have a Great Weekend

Fri Feb 28, 2014:
Month number 2 in the books today. Finally, moving into springtime! YES!
I have been extremely busy…so much so that I’m behind on a few things. Hopefully, I will be caught up this weekend.
Foundation Training is growing and growing….it’s a good thing. Even though I am tired and having to work 6 and sometimes 7 days a week…
FT is going to help so many people….I gotta keep it going.
Eventually, the right opportunity will come along. I’m so grateful to all the people I have been able to teach so far. Not only am I helping them…they are telling others about how awesome FT is! That’s how you build a business!
Anyway, gotta go now. Another very busy day ahead of me. Looking forward to that 4 pm massage with Connie today at HANDS FOR HEALTH!
Everyone have a great weekend…we are in the 70’s…..

Movement Matters!

Monday Morning Hello

Monday Feb 24,2014:
My, my, my the last week of Feb is here. So looking to March and some warmer weather.
Everything is going pretty well. I did finally get to play a little golf yesterday.
It felt great to be out walking the course. Just one more thing for me to find time to work on….there really just isn’t enough time in the day for me to get everything done?
Foundation Training is really going well. The word is getting out and people are getting awesome benefits from practicing Foundation Training!
I’m fixing to get clients to start writing some testimonials and see if I can post a few before and after pics…..to show the change in posture and body alignment.
This is about all I have for today….gotta get moving. I have a very long day today. Everyone have a good day!


Mon 2/17/14:
Here we go again…MONDAY! Had a really busy weekend. Foundation Training classes are really growing. Had several new people come for their first session because they were in such pain. You can just see the tightness in their body as they walk. So much tightness where their hip barely bends, their hip can hardly help raise their leg to walk, so tight that you can see the slight torque/ twist in their body. I want everyone reading my material to know that having that much tightness is not normal, that walking bent over is not normal and that walking with a limp because you are to tight to raise your hip is not normal. It is normal if you choose to do nothing about it. Those tight muscle are deforming your spine and moving your bones. I had back pain as far back as high school. I was told it was from playing to many sports. Knowing what I know now….how stupid was that!
This tightness, lack of movement, poor posture and movement patterns will lead you to the nursing home way before your time. I am staying in my home and do for myself
Foundation Training WILL stretch and strengthen those muscles that have you bent over. Foundation Training will loosen those hips where they will bend and do what they are designed to do. Foundation Training is medicine. Foundation Training will have you standing tall, walking with some pep to your step, and Foundation Training is going to get you out of pain.
Take care of your body. Write me, call me, ask someone who. I have already taught, go to foundationtraining.com and see for your self. The body you have is all you have….
Time to get going for me. Off to the gym, then the office…. Have a great day even though it is Monday ……
Waiting to hear from everyone!

These poses and exercises below will get you out of pain and change the way you move for life!






Catch Up On The Week

Thur 2/13/14:
Well I have been busy busy busy! I’ll catch everyone up as I have not really written anything this week.
First of all…if anyone needs a good dentist just message me or call 601-355-5275 and I’ll get you taken care of. Dental health is part of overall good physical health.
Next, how are the workouts and fitness programs going. My personal clients are doing great…losing inches and making exercise a habit, part of their daily routine. There is no way around this fact….you must eat healthy and exercise…to receive the benefits.
Next, Foundation Training is really starting to get out there. I am receiving more and more inquires as to what Foundation Training is. This makes me happy! FT is everyone’s ticket to a stronger body, better posture and better movement patterns!
Eric, the creator of Foundation Training and his team of movement specialist have just released their new DVD and the new book will soon follow. The new DVD is not available to the public right now, but I will soon have some copies for sale. I am in the process of viewing the release. Once I have that completed I will let everyone know my thoughts.
Let me teach you Foundation Training and apply it to how your body works.
Once you have the mechanics down and have learned the basics you can then use the DVD to check your form and have some home workouts to do.
I pride myself on taking care of my body!!! It’s the single most important thing a person can do. I try to do all the little things…eat lots of fruits and veggies, get 8 hours of sleep, try not to get to stressed out, exercise, try to help others. I get regular massages and a monthly chiropractic adjustment.
Foundation Training is just the icing on top of my healthy regimen!!!!
Contact me for any questions on any of the above.
Everyone have a great day!!! It’s almost Friday and I think I’m gonna get to hit the golf ball a little this weekend…..

Movement. Matters!



Mon 2/10/14:
Morning everyone…. I don’t have long to write. Gotta get MOVIN!
Newsletters went out yesterday. If you need or want one send me an e mail address.
Foundation Training is really starting to grow. A friend of mine contacted me Friday afternoon in excruciating back pain. She had just come from the massage therapist…the massage therapist said, call Stevey you need Foundation Training. She came to class Saturday morning with a pain level of 10 and stated, I may not be able to do much of this. I said, do what you can.
I always start with relaxed breathing and gentle standing stretches…raising the rib cage. After about 15 minutes she looked at me and said with a puzzled look…I feel better. She completed the class. When she was leaving I asked what’s your pain level now…she said as she thought…a 2! She said, this stuff is unbelievable! She said, I almost didn’t come because it was to much trouble to move. I sent her home with a prescription of short ice packs, most heat ( she has a hot tub), and gentle hinging and decompression breathing. S he came back yesterday for another round!
FT works people!!!
I have more stuff developing….but am out of time right now.

Everyone have a great day, get a workout in, eat right, and find a FT instructor! Happy Life!




Mon 2/3/14:
Monday morning after a terrible Super Bowl. I was for Denver…they were awful! They were awful because that Seattle defense was spectacular! No one wants such a lopsided game …. Anyway, can’t wait until August for a new season. GEAUX Saints!

Let’s get to the fitness talk! Just read a post from a fellow FT trainer, who talked about society’s lack of movement. I will expand on that.
I have been teaching FT about 4 months as of now. The more people I work with the more I see just how imbalanced all of are. It’s something I already knew, but just didn’t really focus on. People would hire me to train them…I give them exercises…I see the imbalances…and make adjustments as best I can. Thank goodness for Foundation Training…now I have a system to work on this improper movement patterns and imbalances first…then add some exercises.
It’s all about MOVEMENT if you want to be healthy…especially my generation of baby boomers and older seniors. Get up from that desk and stretch. At lunch…take a walk around your office…. Take decompression breaths thru out the day. The human body is meant to move…the body needs to move!
Foundation Training is your ticket to a healthier and pain free body! What you can learn in just one session will change the way you think about your movement.
I’m excited to teach this. I’m excited to see people come back to me standing up straight. I’m excited when people tell me the have had no back pain. I’m excited to share this with as many people as possible….
Gotta go now
Have a great Monday!






I agree completely with Devon. As a whole, “we the people” sit to much, eat to much, and really just do not try to do better. Most people just settle!
I, like Devon teach Foundation Training. I have been in the fitness industry many years, and was always big on form when I worked with clients. WOW, did Foundation Training ever open my eyes. Now I know….it’s all about the posture!
The beauty of Foundation Training is, posture and movement patterns can be changed. We can teach the body to move differently….the body wants to move more efficiently and without excess stress that will lead to pain and weakness.
Thanks, for telling people the truth Devon. I will be the second person to lay it out there.
Commit to change! Stop eating crap, move thru the day, exercise daily, find a FT teacher! You can do better…you must do better…this is your body,your health, and your life!


Sat 2/1/14:
Another busy Saturday. Finally some warmer weather…like it should be in the south.
Awesome class with my 7:30 FT client. She has really progressed. She walked in standing straight up, with a little speed to her step and her feet are finally starting to point a little more forward. She’s been practicing!!!!
She feels good and has more energy now….I love it when the client is really “getting” it.
After that I want to the gym for my group class. This is usually my more advanced class…one came that has only been once, but is extremely tight and needs a little extra work, and a new person came. I let her join in and just was careful what to let her do. After class we talked awhile…she’ll be back at 1 pm tomorrow to start from scratch! Also, another lady has been watching…she’s coming at one tomorrow also!
FT is really catching on!
Hope I can keep it going.
For anyone reading this…Foundation Training works! You will feel the incorrect movement patterns you do everyday…then you will feel correct movement patterns. Only then will FT start to make sense to you. Your body has to feel the muscle chains cut on, contact, stretch, etc.
Posture is the starting point. Fix that frame! You will move better…you will feel better.



If you stand or sit or walking like the walking Skelton..you need Foundation Training! You can straighten up. You can pull that chin in, you can get those shoulder blades back over your behind where they belong. You can get better and feel better…FOUNDATION TRAINING will correct a lot of thes imbalances.
If your back aches like the guy in the picture…FOUNDATION TRAINING can ease that up if not stop it! I’m not exaggerating either.

The sooner you contact me the sooner you will feel awesome like I do and “all” the people I have been working with the last 3 months!

Also, newsletters will start going out tomorrow. If you would like one…I need you e mail address. Have a great evening and Sunday!
I’m going for the Broncos tomorrow…31-14!