What are y’all doing today?

Sat Jan 18,14:
Have had a busy morning. Started with sending out some newsletters. This week is about nutrition. I’m not a diet person and think people should eat…just choose better. Balance out your ratio of protein,carbs and the good fast. Of course, I listed my absolute don’ts…fried food and soda!! Those two top my list of complete junk going into a perfectly good body. So, we are into the meat of the first month of the year. We should be adjusting to the changes we have implemented…make them a habit.
Off to the DeVille Y for a really good Foundation Class. The 4 there today have advanced quickly and are into the harder to execute exercises….baby they felt it today. They will be back again next sat. Working on a new beginners class for Fri. possibly at 1. If you are interested please let me know.
I know there was a race in Vicksburg today…let’s hear see some pics!
Gotta get out and run some errands then gonna get home a chill and cook something good to eat.


January Progress Report

Thur Jan 16,2013:
Oh my January is half over! I have been extremely swamped between the dentist office, training and FOUNDATION TRAINING.
Busy is always good…
The Deville Y is bustling right now! They are adding some small group training classes using some metabolic/ fat burning workouts. The workouts are designed to be short(15-30) minutes in duration and intense. The workouts can be adapted for all fitness levels.
Of course, I think it is awesome.
Foundation Training is growing also! This makes me especially happy. Every single new person who has started FT loves it and feels what is happening in the body. The people who have signed up because of back pain have stated relief after just one session.
Foundation Training is going to be big and is going to help so many people to start moving, move better, and relieve pain. Most people can learn all the exercises in 4-8 sessions. When I first watched a video Dr Goodman had out on FT…at the end of the video he stated, do these exercises everyday and no back pain…ever! I said to myself…right? I actually, thought that was pretty risky to say that when trying to sell a product. Well, I’m here to tell you he is just about 100% correct. My back pain is all but gone! I’m not joking! That’s why I talk about this everyday…every chance I get.
Contact me to sign up and change the way you feel and move.
How is everyone doing with the new year…..working out, eating better, habit changes? Post what you are doing. Posting helps keep you accountable and it just might help someone else who is struggling. If you are having problems or do know what to do…ask questions. If I don’t have an answer…I have resources where I can find answers. Let’s get going, let’s get moving, let’s start changing, let’s start feeling better!

FOUNDATION TRAINING will help relief this ache if not stop it completely !



Really good class FT class today! One new person and the other 4 back for the second lesson. All 4 returnees practiced everyday last week on their decompression breathing, hinging and keeping that chest open and shoulder blades on. What improvement! That’s another great thing about FT…if you practice improvement happens quickly.
Today, I added supine decompression with anchoring, crossover, lunge stretch, integrated founder with some anchoring and some sphere of tension added. Whoop, whoop! Everyone liked and did well at it. They have plenty to work on until next week. Also, the ones who had complained of back pain before starting FT last week said, no pain this week and they actually felt good! Next week probably add kneeling founder then move onto some back extensions!
Anyone who learns FOUNDATION TRAINING and feels the difference in their bodies…please SHARE with friends and family. Anyone who learns FOUNDATION TRAINING and becomes more aware of their posture thru out the day…please SHARE with family and friends. Anyone who learns FOUNDATION TRAINING and has less back pain and/or no back pain…for goodness sake Share with everyone. Send them to me! Four to eight lessons should just about do it for most people.
FOUNDATION TRAINING will: Improve posture, stretch and strengthen, improve flexibility and mobility, get you off of pain pill and shots, change the way you move and just improve your life.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is right here in Jackson Ms…let’s be like all the healthy Californians. Eat healthy, exercise, take care of your body with FOUNDATION TRAINING!




Mid Day Check In

Out of the office…having lunch…then on to some FOUNDATION TRAINING at DeVille Y and some time with other instructors working on some new classes…also for the Y!
Let’s go everyone…get your FITNESS on!
If you haven’t worked out today as of yet….eat that lunch then take a stroll around the block. Do a Founder decompression pose to stretch out those muscles from sitting at you desk.
Just checking on y’all….. Friday almost over….Finish strong!

TGIF!!! 1/10/14

First full week of the year is in the books!
How are the “healthy” changes for 2014 coming along? Remember, just choose one thing at a time and stick with it.
How are the workouts going? Again, if you are new to exercise start small. Commit to walking everyday, or just start with basic exercises like squats and modified push ups…throw in some jump jacks and that’s a workout that hits a lot of muscles. You don’t have to get fancy with it. You just have to do it.
How many of you have joined the gym? How many have actually gone to the gym? Don’t be overwhelmed with the gym…ask for help. The staff have people there to show you how to do things. Hire a trainer. Yes, it will cost more, but they will show you how to do things correctly and more efficiently. I have clients who cannot afford to come me 2&3 times a week. I give them enough to do in one session…tell them to work on that for a week or 2…come back and I add more. There are ways…. You just have to want to do what it takes.
Also, don’t forget a stretching program. I like light stretching before my workout, and more stretching after my workout. As you all know by now… FOUNDATION TRAINING is my preferred method of stretching. Once you know enough of the exercises…FT make a great off day workout all by itself.
I’ll be at DeVille YMCA today at 1 pm with a few beginners. Feel free to just show up. Y members 10.00 and non-members 25.00.
Foundation Training will have you on your way to better posture, balance, flexibility and less back pain!
Everyone have a great Friday and weekend. Don’t forget Saturday at 3:30 the SAINTS play Seahawks! GEAUX SAINTS!

Basic Workout:
1. Bodyweight Squat-10 reps
2. Jump Jack- 15 reps
Repeat 2x with as little rest as possible

1.Pushup-10 reps(modify as needed)
2. Jab/Punch-10 per side
Repeat 2x with as little rest as possible

This is for the beginners. Do it. This is simple, no equipment and quick. Do it 3-4x per week. The other days walk, mow grass, play a sport, whatever….. Just move.


Tue 1/7/14: Congrats to Fla State last night in an exciting game. I was for Auburn…SEC fan, but at least Fla State is in the south!
On to some NFL playoffs this weekend. My SAINTS have a big task ahead of them.
Now, for some fitness talk. How is the first full week of 2014 going health and fitness wise? Are you implementing a new habit, getting rid of a bad habit, start an exercise program…. I d love to hear from you. I’m here to listen, motivate, and to help. Sharing is the best way to get going and to stay on track.
I have a Foundation Training group Friday at 1 pm at DeVille Y. It will be small and for beginners. This will be the perfect time to start FT if you have been on the fence about it. I promise you…if you have back pain this method is going to help. It is not expensive….it’s easy to learn and it is going to CHANGE the way you feel! The pain pills you are taking are not going to fix your back or correct anything else in your muscle chain. All of us…have to keep moving for our health. Back pain makes us want to be still…this is the worse thing you can do. MOTION IS LOTION! I will also have a Sat class at 8:45- a little more advanced. Then a 9:45 class for newer people. Why suffer when you don’t have?
Any Questions…contact me thru this article or at steveygaddis@yahoo.com.
Have a great day!

My friend and fellow FT instructor BRUNO doing a little casual Founder stretch…..FT can be done anywhere – anytime. So, you can feel good anywhere – anytime!


Open the above link and read. As you all know I am a big fan of Foundation Training. Foundation Training is the single most effective method I have come across EVER that will stretch and strengthen the body. Because of the stretching of the posterior chain as a unit instead of as an isolated stretch, better results are achieved. It’s quite fine to still do isolated stretches….but Foundation training is better, more thorough, more complete….therefore better results such as lengthening of the spine, decompression in the discs, more freedom in the hips, less back pain. Foundation Training, is simply the best way to stretch and strengthen muscles of the posterior chain. If you have Plantar fasciitis open the above link and take a read.
I’ll say it again like I do whenever I write about Foundation Training….EVERYONE needs this. Seniors- to ease aches and pains of tight muscles and joints, and the many years of improper movement that have now caught up with them. Office works who sit at a desk all day, retail workers who stand all day, young athletes who play hard, but are really never taught how to properly stretch. Professional athletes, who after years of weights, hard hits, falls, injuries end up with early arthritis and can barely move going into their 40’s.
Foundation Training is spreading….mostly in California. I live in the heart of the south in Mississippi, where Mississippi is always last in a lot of things. I’ll keep working spreading the works of Foundation Training. We have a lot of good young athletes here, lots of hard working people….and they all need Foundation Training