Tue 1/28/14:
Freezing cold here in Mississippi…it is sleeting right now and supposed to snow. That being said, people will get crazy here. All the schools will shut down, a lot of businesses will close, people won’t show up for appointments, there will be more wrecks than usually.
It will be a crazy day. I love living in Mississippi and really wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love the short winters, early springs and long hot summers. You can play golf almost year round…and be outside mostly year round. The hotter…the better for me.
Luckily, we don’t have a lot of days like today. Yes, it will be somewhat chaotic. I will have to slow down and be watchful all around today because of the weather conditions. I will manage… All I can do is adjust and be prepared for a slow day. I don’t know how many times to day I will say come on March 1st! March 1st in my mind means SRINGTIME! It may be cold on March 1st, but to me spring will be here.
Fixing to shower and get a quickie workout here at the house. Do some FT exercises and work on my 30 min squat challenge. Eat a good breakfast and off I go down the icy interstate. Nothing really changes for me even in bad weather conditions…
Rock on everyone…make it a great day!


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