What are y’all doing today?

Sat Jan 18,14:
Have had a busy morning. Started with sending out some newsletters. This week is about nutrition. I’m not a diet person and think people should eat…just choose better. Balance out your ratio of protein,carbs and the good fast. Of course, I listed my absolute don’ts…fried food and soda!! Those two top my list of complete junk going into a perfectly good body. So, we are into the meat of the first month of the year. We should be adjusting to the changes we have implemented…make them a habit.
Off to the DeVille Y for a really good Foundation Class. The 4 there today have advanced quickly and are into the harder to execute exercises….baby they felt it today. They will be back again next sat. Working on a new beginners class for Fri. possibly at 1. If you are interested please let me know.
I know there was a race in Vicksburg today…let’s hear see some pics!
Gotta get out and run some errands then gonna get home a chill and cook something good to eat.


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