Really good class FT class today! One new person and the other 4 back for the second lesson. All 4 returnees practiced everyday last week on their decompression breathing, hinging and keeping that chest open and shoulder blades on. What improvement! That’s another great thing about FT…if you practice improvement happens quickly.
Today, I added supine decompression with anchoring, crossover, lunge stretch, integrated founder with some anchoring and some sphere of tension added. Whoop, whoop! Everyone liked and did well at it. They have plenty to work on until next week. Also, the ones who had complained of back pain before starting FT last week said, no pain this week and they actually felt good! Next week probably add kneeling founder then move onto some back extensions!
Anyone who learns FOUNDATION TRAINING and feels the difference in their bodies…please SHARE with friends and family. Anyone who learns FOUNDATION TRAINING and becomes more aware of their posture thru out the day…please SHARE with family and friends. Anyone who learns FOUNDATION TRAINING and has less back pain and/or no back pain…for goodness sake Share with everyone. Send them to me! Four to eight lessons should just about do it for most people.
FOUNDATION TRAINING will: Improve posture, stretch and strengthen, improve flexibility and mobility, get you off of pain pill and shots, change the way you move and just improve your life.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is right here in Jackson Ms…let’s be like all the healthy Californians. Eat healthy, exercise, take care of your body with FOUNDATION TRAINING!




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