TGIF!!! 1/10/14

First full week of the year is in the books!
How are the “healthy” changes for 2014 coming along? Remember, just choose one thing at a time and stick with it.
How are the workouts going? Again, if you are new to exercise start small. Commit to walking everyday, or just start with basic exercises like squats and modified push ups…throw in some jump jacks and that’s a workout that hits a lot of muscles. You don’t have to get fancy with it. You just have to do it.
How many of you have joined the gym? How many have actually gone to the gym? Don’t be overwhelmed with the gym…ask for help. The staff have people there to show you how to do things. Hire a trainer. Yes, it will cost more, but they will show you how to do things correctly and more efficiently. I have clients who cannot afford to come me 2&3 times a week. I give them enough to do in one session…tell them to work on that for a week or 2…come back and I add more. There are ways…. You just have to want to do what it takes.
Also, don’t forget a stretching program. I like light stretching before my workout, and more stretching after my workout. As you all know by now… FOUNDATION TRAINING is my preferred method of stretching. Once you know enough of the exercises…FT make a great off day workout all by itself.
I’ll be at DeVille YMCA today at 1 pm with a few beginners. Feel free to just show up. Y members 10.00 and non-members 25.00.
Foundation Training will have you on your way to better posture, balance, flexibility and less back pain!
Everyone have a great Friday and weekend. Don’t forget Saturday at 3:30 the SAINTS play Seahawks! GEAUX SAINTS!

Basic Workout:
1. Bodyweight Squat-10 reps
2. Jump Jack- 15 reps
Repeat 2x with as little rest as possible

1.Pushup-10 reps(modify as needed)
2. Jab/Punch-10 per side
Repeat 2x with as little rest as possible

This is for the beginners. Do it. This is simple, no equipment and quick. Do it 3-4x per week. The other days walk, mow grass, play a sport, whatever….. Just move.

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