Tue 1/7/14: Congrats to Fla State last night in an exciting game. I was for Auburn…SEC fan, but at least Fla State is in the south!
On to some NFL playoffs this weekend. My SAINTS have a big task ahead of them.
Now, for some fitness talk. How is the first full week of 2014 going health and fitness wise? Are you implementing a new habit, getting rid of a bad habit, start an exercise program…. I d love to hear from you. I’m here to listen, motivate, and to help. Sharing is the best way to get going and to stay on track.
I have a Foundation Training group Friday at 1 pm at DeVille Y. It will be small and for beginners. This will be the perfect time to start FT if you have been on the fence about it. I promise you…if you have back pain this method is going to help. It is not expensive….it’s easy to learn and it is going to CHANGE the way you feel! The pain pills you are taking are not going to fix your back or correct anything else in your muscle chain. All of us…have to keep moving for our health. Back pain makes us want to be still…this is the worse thing you can do. MOTION IS LOTION! I will also have a Sat class at 8:45- a little more advanced. Then a 9:45 class for newer people. Why suffer when you don’t have?
Any Questions…contact me thru this article or at
Have a great day!

My friend and fellow FT instructor BRUNO doing a little casual Founder stretch…..FT can be done anywhere – anytime. So, you can feel good anywhere – anytime!

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