Open the above link and read. As you all know I am a big fan of Foundation Training. Foundation Training is the single most effective method I have come across EVER that will stretch and strengthen the body. Because of the stretching of the posterior chain as a unit instead of as an isolated stretch, better results are achieved. It’s quite fine to still do isolated stretches….but Foundation training is better, more thorough, more complete….therefore better results such as lengthening of the spine, decompression in the discs, more freedom in the hips, less back pain. Foundation Training, is simply the best way to stretch and strengthen muscles of the posterior chain. If you have Plantar fasciitis open the above link and take a read.
I’ll say it again like I do whenever I write about Foundation Training….EVERYONE needs this. Seniors- to ease aches and pains of tight muscles and joints, and the many years of improper movement that have now caught up with them. Office works who sit at a desk all day, retail workers who stand all day, young athletes who play hard, but are really never taught how to properly stretch. Professional athletes, who after years of weights, hard hits, falls, injuries end up with early arthritis and can barely move going into their 40’s.
Foundation Training is spreading….mostly in California. I live in the heart of the south in Mississippi, where Mississippi is always last in a lot of things. I’ll keep working spreading the works of Foundation Training. We have a lot of good young athletes here, lots of hard working people….and they all need Foundation Training


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