Wed 1-29-14:
Well, the blizzard of 2014 has come and gone. I know those of you who live in places where it always snows may laugh…but this weather causes chaos here in the Deep South! Today, there will be no snow, but there will be ice from the below freezing temps.
Everyone be careful if you choose to get on the roads.
My doctors just happened to both be out of the office today…but I will trek in for a bit to check on things. I also, have some work to do at the gym. I just can’t stay home all day and not do anything.
If anyone is interested in starting FOUNDATION. TRAINING… I have a beginner class at 1 pm today. Stop thinking about FT and start doing FT!
I found this upper body workout I’m going to try today….if you legs need a break…give this workout a try.

Do a warm up and a little stretching first!

15 push-ups
30 sec plank
15 bicep curls
30 sec plank w/ alternating leg lifts
15 overhead tricep presses
30 sec left side plank
15 lateral raises
30 sec right side plank
15 tricep kickbacks- (together or one or at a time)
30 sec suicide plank

Rest 1 min…Repeat 2x

Arms on Fire!!!!! One set may be enough for some…if so that is fine! Do more if you need more! Let’s get those arms ready for some sunshine!


Tue 1/28/14:
Freezing cold here in Mississippi…it is sleeting right now and supposed to snow. That being said, people will get crazy here. All the schools will shut down, a lot of businesses will close, people won’t show up for appointments, there will be more wrecks than usually.
It will be a crazy day. I love living in Mississippi and really wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love the short winters, early springs and long hot summers. You can play golf almost year round…and be outside mostly year round. The hotter…the better for me.
Luckily, we don’t have a lot of days like today. Yes, it will be somewhat chaotic. I will have to slow down and be watchful all around today because of the weather conditions. I will manage… All I can do is adjust and be prepared for a slow day. I don’t know how many times to day I will say come on March 1st! March 1st in my mind means SRINGTIME! It may be cold on March 1st, but to me spring will be here.
Fixing to shower and get a quickie workout here at the house. Do some FT exercises and work on my 30 min squat challenge. Eat a good breakfast and off I go down the icy interstate. Nothing really changes for me even in bad weather conditions…
Rock on everyone…make it a great day!


Mon Jan 27,2014
Happy Monday everyone! Might as well be positive about it…A lot of us gotta get to our JOBS and make that money! I really don’t mind going to work. I love both my jobs and I’m successful at both jobs. I like to be busy and I like accomplishing things. So, up I am preparing for my day.

Yesterday, I sent out the NEWSLETTERS. Hopefully, you received one. If you did not let me know…if I don’t know you just send your e mail and I’ll add you to the newsletter list. I send these letter out to help motivate others. I do this because I want to and I love promoting health and fitness. Every person on the planet should exercise and eat healthy…and I do not have a problem selling that everyday of the week.
I will use the NEWSLETTER and all my other social media tools to promote FOUNDATION TRAINING also. I can sell FT all day long also.
I know some of you probably think I go on and on about FT…..well I do because I have so much benefitted from in. My posture, my movement patters, my flexibility, my mobility, are all greatly improved. My back pain is pretty much gone. My S I joint is not going out all the time…..because my posterior chain is stronger and more flexible. My tight muscles are not pulling my bones out of place so much.
FT IS THE REAL DEAL! I have plans for it.
If you want to experience what I’m talking about … Contact me for an evaluation! FT will change the way you move!

Movement Matters!


I could not do this 6 months ago….my hips could not go down like this. My glutes, hamstrings, and I T bands would have pulled my pelvis out of place.


Sat 1/25/14:
Up early today… Had to make a run to the airport…back home now. Have some Foundation Training classes to teach…3 new people today. FT is really starting to take shape. My favorite golfer, Phil Michelson had to withdraw from the Farmers Classic because of muscular low back pain. Foundation Training can help him. I’ve been watching his posture and the way he moves. He definitely needs FT!! I will be sending a letter to his fan mail address. It takes 3 months for a response… Will let you all know if I hear back.
Back to the FOOD topic. I always make the weekend about getting ready for the next week. I pretty much buy groceries for the upcoming week…meals and snacks. I cook for the whole week. I’m to busy during the week to come home and cook or just eat a bowl of cereal. Also, I like to eat early..usually between 5and 6, so that my meal has time to digest. This is just a habit for me. Trust me, my body knows the habit too. I get hungry … On schedule!
I have already made a large pot of soup from the carcass of my rotisserie chicken from SAMs. Those Chickens make great stock. I just throw in veggies, beans, some cayenne, kale or spinach leaves……fresh soup for a quick, hearty meal in the winter!
Later, I’ll bake or grill couple of pieces of salmon. I have the chicken breast meat from the SAMs chicken for my protein.
I’ll steam some veggies or sometime I roast them in the oven. Invest in a steamer! They are awesome….just season and let the steamer do the cooking…then it shuts itself off.
Cooking healthy is not hard….
Try this recipe: STUFFED MUSHROOM
Nice sized portabella mushroom- remove stems
1/2 cup minced garlic
1 cup baby spinach
1/2 red bell pepper chopped
1/4 cup pecans
1/4 cup feta
1/4 cup red onion chopped
Process all ingredients on a food processor until chopped and mixed well. Scoop out center of mushrooms carefully. Add the mixture. Place on foil lined baking pan… Light spray w/ a healthy cooking spray. Bake 10-15 minutes at 400 until golden brown.
Give it a try.


Fri Jan 24,14:
As, I have written before if you want to loose fat, loose weight, gain muscle, get fit….you do have to have the appropriate exercise program along with the appropriate food program. No matter hoe you cut it…ITS ALL ABOUT THE FOOD! You must eat a balanced, clean as possible diet. Your body will love it and feel so much better.
If you are struggling with the food…keep it simple. Here is a basic reference guide to help get you going.
Protein: Lean red meat (93%lean)- top round,sirloin
Salmon- my fav
Omega 3- eggs
Whey Protein- high quality
Fruit/Veggie: Spinach
Cruciferous Veggie ( cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower )
Mixed Berries
More Carbs: Mixed beans
Whole Oats
Good Fat: Avacados
Mixed nuts
X-tra virgin olive oil
Ground Flax seeds
Fish Oil
Drinks: Green Tea

Follow these guidelines and you are on your way to a healthier you. Get in the kitchen and trash the junk and get these ingredients into the fridge and cabinets.

Oh, and you still have to exercise!

Today Is A Good Day To Get Started

Here we go again…start of the work week. A lot of people will be off today as it is MLK day. That being said, get to the gym, get outside and move that body. If you have not started an exercise program today is a good day to do so.
The newsletters I sent out were on nutrition this week. Nothing to scientific or to difficult to understand….just basic rule of thumb guidelines. Your body needs protein, carbs, and healthy fats. There is information everywhere…available to help anyone eat healthier. Get started today. If you would like a newsletter please send an e mail address.
Let’s get out there and do what we gotta do.
Have a great day!

The Playoffs

Sun Jan 19 in Jackson, Ms right now. Still up watching the playoffs. Denver is in and hoping the 49ers make it. That will make a good Super Bowl. Of course, here in the south most people will be pulling for Peyton and the Broncos. What a year for Peyton stat wise and health wise after all that neck surgery….incredible!
Just shows you what hard work, dedication, and discipline can do for you.
Back to the grind tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll be busy at the dentist office. A group of 4 for Foundation Training after work. Working hard at trying to get FT to grow…it will in time.
Start your Monday off with some exercise and a good breakfast. I’ll be doing a little FT with my morning client then a little Bodyweight circuit to rev up my 56 year old engine….
Do what it takes people…get moving and go have a good day!

What are y’all doing today?

Sat Jan 18,14:
Have had a busy morning. Started with sending out some newsletters. This week is about nutrition. I’m not a diet person and think people should eat…just choose better. Balance out your ratio of protein,carbs and the good fast. Of course, I listed my absolute don’ts…fried food and soda!! Those two top my list of complete junk going into a perfectly good body. So, we are into the meat of the first month of the year. We should be adjusting to the changes we have implemented…make them a habit.
Off to the DeVille Y for a really good Foundation Class. The 4 there today have advanced quickly and are into the harder to execute exercises….baby they felt it today. They will be back again next sat. Working on a new beginners class for Fri. possibly at 1. If you are interested please let me know.
I know there was a race in Vicksburg today…let’s hear see some pics!
Gotta get out and run some errands then gonna get home a chill and cook something good to eat.


January Progress Report

Thur Jan 16,2013:
Oh my January is half over! I have been extremely swamped between the dentist office, training and FOUNDATION TRAINING.
Busy is always good…
The Deville Y is bustling right now! They are adding some small group training classes using some metabolic/ fat burning workouts. The workouts are designed to be short(15-30) minutes in duration and intense. The workouts can be adapted for all fitness levels.
Of course, I think it is awesome.
Foundation Training is growing also! This makes me especially happy. Every single new person who has started FT loves it and feels what is happening in the body. The people who have signed up because of back pain have stated relief after just one session.
Foundation Training is going to be big and is going to help so many people to start moving, move better, and relieve pain. Most people can learn all the exercises in 4-8 sessions. When I first watched a video Dr Goodman had out on FT…at the end of the video he stated, do these exercises everyday and no back pain…ever! I said to myself…right? I actually, thought that was pretty risky to say that when trying to sell a product. Well, I’m here to tell you he is just about 100% correct. My back pain is all but gone! I’m not joking! That’s why I talk about this everyday…every chance I get.
Contact me to sign up and change the way you feel and move.
How is everyone doing with the new year…..working out, eating better, habit changes? Post what you are doing. Posting helps keep you accountable and it just might help someone else who is struggling. If you are having problems or do know what to do…ask questions. If I don’t have an answer…I have resources where I can find answers. Let’s get going, let’s get moving, let’s start changing, let’s start feeling better!

FOUNDATION TRAINING will help relief this ache if not stop it completely !



Really good class FT class today! One new person and the other 4 back for the second lesson. All 4 returnees practiced everyday last week on their decompression breathing, hinging and keeping that chest open and shoulder blades on. What improvement! That’s another great thing about FT…if you practice improvement happens quickly.
Today, I added supine decompression with anchoring, crossover, lunge stretch, integrated founder with some anchoring and some sphere of tension added. Whoop, whoop! Everyone liked and did well at it. They have plenty to work on until next week. Also, the ones who had complained of back pain before starting FT last week said, no pain this week and they actually felt good! Next week probably add kneeling founder then move onto some back extensions!
Anyone who learns FOUNDATION TRAINING and feels the difference in their bodies…please SHARE with friends and family. Anyone who learns FOUNDATION TRAINING and becomes more aware of their posture thru out the day…please SHARE with family and friends. Anyone who learns FOUNDATION TRAINING and has less back pain and/or no back pain…for goodness sake Share with everyone. Send them to me! Four to eight lessons should just about do it for most people.
FOUNDATION TRAINING will: Improve posture, stretch and strengthen, improve flexibility and mobility, get you off of pain pill and shots, change the way you move and just improve your life.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is right here in Jackson Ms…let’s be like all the healthy Californians. Eat healthy, exercise, take care of your body with FOUNDATION TRAINING!