Mon 12/30/13:
Here we go…last couple of days for 2013! Let’s get busy and plan a strategy for changing in 2014. The first thing to do if you are serious about making positive changes in 2014 is to end some bad habits and implement some new better habits.
First, make a list of better habits you would like to implement. Write them down. Now pick one new habit to implement. Work on this one until you get it down before adding the next one. Be consistent with your new habit. For example: if your new habit is to have one cocktail a day instead of 2 or more. Say, I will have 1 cocktail as soon as I get home only. Don’t trick yourself and make it a double….lol! Habits help keep us on track…they help keep me balanced and in control.
Anyway, that’s the first tip for the new year….make better habits. What are some of your habits going to be? Let me hear from you.

Oh by the way…SAINTS made the playoffs!!!!!

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