Planning for 2014

Monday 12/09/13:
The chances of me having a really good day have increased with that Saints victory!!!!!

Now, onto fitness business. My Foundation Training is slowly getting out there…I have several clients starting that regimen and they all love it and definitely can feel “things happening. If they”ll practice everyday like I instruct them….things will happen, they will feel better, they will be aware of how they sit, stand, walk, bend over….they”ll change their bad movement patterns, because now they know what those bad movement patterns were. GOOD STUFF!

Also, I’m gearing up for 2014. I had an odd 2013… Lots of changes in my life…somewhat adjusted as of now. For personal trainers, we love the month of Jan. Lots of new people show up to the gym, lots of people start an exercise program, lots of people just want to start over. I love motivating people to change their bad habits!!! It’s just what I do!

My plans for 2014 will be to get better at this blog, reach as many people as possible talking and teaching health/fitness. I’ll also be sending out a weekly newsletter to your e mail box. If you’d like a newsletter I need your e mail address. I want to get more educated on posture, muscle imbalance, and movement…so I’ll be looking for training in that. I really believe it’s the key to a better body! Also, plan on doing another FOUNDATION TRAINING course. I love FT and all the people involved with it…what a great program! To add to all this- I have a full time job at the dentist office and I need to practice my golf game! How am I gonna do all this?

What in you plans for 2014?

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