Mid week….lets keep moving forward.
FOUNDATION TRAINING: A series of exercise designed to integrate the posterior chain of muscles. This muscles will work together as a unit…..stretching and strengthening at the same time. FT, is the most dynamic and complete group of exercises. These exercise are beneficial to all levels of exercisers. If you are an elite athlete – FT is going to make you better. If you are someone just starting out on an exercise program FT is going to prepare your body for a great transformation. If you suffer from back pain that stops you from exercising…FOUNDATION TRAINING is going to change your life.
My mission in life is to promote active lifestyles, healthy eating, positive re-inforcement, exercise, overall health and well being.
Foundation Training is a must have fitness tool EVERYONE needs in their daily life. FT will help you….kids, athletes, seniors.
It’s simple to learn and affordable. Don’t short change yourself.
To learn more contact me.
Change the way you move with FOUNDATION TRAINING.


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