Mon 11/18/13:
What a nerve racking football game yesterday…my Saints pulled that one out! Just a tough hard fought battle. 8&2 baby!!!!
Gotta get going to the gym…busy day today.

Start of with some decompression breathing…just elongate yourself. Feels Awsome.
Go into a gentle Founder…get those hams, calves, and feet going. Add the good morning move….feel that back side stretch.
Now a lunge stretch…get into a nice fairly long split stance. Big decomp breath, hands overhead, breath and reach…should feel stretch in front hip flexor…now carefully move up onto toes-then down onto heal…keep repeating.
Now you hip, low back, calves should feel stretch out.

Do the following exercise for 4 min.
1. Goblet squat-10 reps
2. Jump Jack-10 reps
3. Push-ups -8 reps
4. Cross body Mt Climb- 8 reps ea leg

Do another Founder and Lunge stretch….now go to work and make those nickels!!!
Have a great day!


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