Sunday 11/17/13:
Whoo Hooo …Saints game day!!! Important game today with the 49ers. Rainy, dreary day here in Ms. Cooked chicken chili soup yesterday. Today, some veggies and salmon for the upcoming week. Good day for staying in and preparing for the work week.

Shared several thoughts yesterday with some other FT instructors from various parts of the country. Mainly discussing our passion for the body of work that we do and the clients that we help. I pay attention to people around my all the time….how they move, pace of movement, posture, what they eat….really just all kinds of stuff. So many people just don’t have a clue as to how they are putting their bodies thru such terrible stresses and bad habits. It just takes some awareness and a little “body education” to move better and feel better.

One of my clients yesterday that I’m doing Foundation Training with…she’s only seen me 3 times…was telling me how much better she feels. I was like, that is so awesome. She travels a lot by plane. She went on to say, that last week in the airport As she was pulling her rolling bag, that she stood up straight-brought my arm in closer to my body- tried to lift chest and bring navel in….I could move so much easier and didn’t feel like I was walking uphill. Usually, I’m leaning forward dragging the bag with my arm way behind me.
This is AWARNESS big time. She also, went on to say…I saw so many people just walking leaned over…I just wanted to go up to them and try to correct them…. When she told me this…it just re-enforces that this work is so much needed. There is no way to help everyone…just keep helping those that end up coming your way… In time it will multiply.

Also, what an awesome group of Foundation Teachers I have become aquatinted with. A lot of them I have never even met, but when we share our experiences on our site… It’s like I’ve been working with them for years. It is an absolute privilege to learn with so many caring fitness professionals.



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