Sun Nov 3rd,
I am up way to early… Forgot the time changed. I haven’t written anything in a few days. Kind of in a weird place right now. Lots of changes going on, feeling frustrated and un-motivated. Not liking things right now. Got just keep putting one foot in front of the other…
I’ll talk about Foundation Training today. I’ll keep talking about it until I can get it really going here in Jackson, Ms. As I have stated in the past Foundation Training is the absolute best program to practice to stretch and strengthen your posterior chain (muscles on the back side of your body). Most of the population does not realize how short and weak these posterior muscles have become over the years. All this tightness and weakness leads to muscle imbalance, back pain, tight hip flexors, tight hamstrings etc. All the tight muscle issues lead to bone/joint issues….tight muscles pull on our bones.
Foundation Training is affordable, can be done anytime anywhere, and it is just plain works!
I do it pretty much everyday. I do it w/ my clients and I do it on my own. If I start getting tight muscles in my back at work…I just get up and do a pose…RELIEF! I’m gonna do several exercise this morning before I go play golf….maybe 15 minutes of it. My whole posterior chain will be stretched out…now my back will be ready to end my golf swing!
If you have back pain- you need Foundation Training
If you have poor posture- you need Foundation Training
If you are struggling with balance- you need Foundation Training
If you are an athlete- Foundation Training needs to be added to your training routine.
If you are a senior- you definitely need Foundation Training
EVERYONE will benefit from using Foundation Training
I’m fixing to post a few pics of fellow FT Instructors teaching. These instructors are all over the world. I am the only one in Mississippi. Take a look, do something that will work and make you feel better.





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