Turkey Day Rush

Fri 11/22/13:
The weekend is here….Yea!
Ole Miss has a huge football game Sat! Everyone is planning and preparing for Thanksgiving. Sales are happening at all the stores.
Short work week for most next week. Lots of stress for some during this time.

It’s still not to late to starting working out. For those of you who have kept up your fitness program…push thru! For those who quit or never started…START NOW! Exercise helps with weight loss, stress, energy levels, muscle tone, heart health… And just plain makes you feel better. You can finish the year out strong and get the jump on 2014.

Be responsible for your health….

Need help or advice….just ask!

Happy weekend folks! Go Rebels!


Mid week….lets keep moving forward.
FOUNDATION TRAINING: A series of exercise designed to integrate the posterior chain of muscles. This muscles will work together as a unit…..stretching and strengthening at the same time. FT, is the most dynamic and complete group of exercises. These exercise are beneficial to all levels of exercisers. If you are an elite athlete – FT is going to make you better. If you are someone just starting out on an exercise program FT is going to prepare your body for a great transformation. If you suffer from back pain that stops you from exercising…FOUNDATION TRAINING is going to change your life.
My mission in life is to promote active lifestyles, healthy eating, positive re-inforcement, exercise, overall health and well being.
Foundation Training is a must have fitness tool EVERYONE needs in their daily life. FT will help you….kids, athletes, seniors.
It’s simple to learn and affordable. Don’t short change yourself.
To learn more contact me.
Change the way you move with FOUNDATION TRAINING.


Tue Workout

Tue 11/19/13:
Group 1- Reverse Lunge into a front kick-10 ea leg
Jump Jack-30 sec
Side Kicks-10 ea leg
Jump Rope-30 sec
Rest up to 1 min and Repeat 2x

Group 2-Push-ups-10 reps
Jump Jacks-30 sec
DB Kickbacks-10 ea side
Total Body Extension-30 sec
Rest up to 1 min and Repeat 2x

Now get out there and take care of Tuesday!


Mon 11/18/13:
What a nerve racking football game yesterday…my Saints pulled that one out! Just a tough hard fought battle. 8&2 baby!!!!
Gotta get going to the gym…busy day today.

Start of with some decompression breathing…just elongate yourself. Feels Awsome.
Go into a gentle Founder…get those hams, calves, and feet going. Add the good morning move….feel that back side stretch.
Now a lunge stretch…get into a nice fairly long split stance. Big decomp breath, hands overhead, breath and reach…should feel stretch in front hip flexor…now carefully move up onto toes-then down onto heal…keep repeating.
Now you hip, low back, calves should feel stretch out.

Do the following exercise for 4 min.
1. Goblet squat-10 reps
2. Jump Jack-10 reps
3. Push-ups -8 reps
4. Cross body Mt Climb- 8 reps ea leg

Do another Founder and Lunge stretch….now go to work and make those nickels!!!
Have a great day!



Sunday 11/17/13:
Whoo Hooo …Saints game day!!! Important game today with the 49ers. Rainy, dreary day here in Ms. Cooked chicken chili soup yesterday. Today, some veggies and salmon for the upcoming week. Good day for staying in and preparing for the work week.

Shared several thoughts yesterday with some other FT instructors from various parts of the country. Mainly discussing our passion for the body of work that we do and the clients that we help. I pay attention to people around my all the time….how they move, pace of movement, posture, what they eat….really just all kinds of stuff. So many people just don’t have a clue as to how they are putting their bodies thru such terrible stresses and bad habits. It just takes some awareness and a little “body education” to move better and feel better.

One of my clients yesterday that I’m doing Foundation Training with…she’s only seen me 3 times…was telling me how much better she feels. I was like, that is so awesome. She travels a lot by plane. She went on to say, that last week in the airport As she was pulling her rolling bag, that she stood up straight-brought my arm in closer to my body- tried to lift chest and bring navel in….I could move so much easier and didn’t feel like I was walking uphill. Usually, I’m leaning forward dragging the bag with my arm way behind me.
This is AWARNESS big time. She also, went on to say…I saw so many people just walking leaned over…I just wanted to go up to them and try to correct them…. When she told me this…it just re-enforces that this work is so much needed. There is no way to help everyone…just keep helping those that end up coming your way… In time it will multiply.

Also, what an awesome group of Foundation Teachers I have become aquatinted with. A lot of them I have never even met, but when we share our experiences on our site… It’s like I’ve been working with them for years. It is an absolute privilege to learn with so many caring fitness professionals.




Wed 11/13/13: I have been in a funk when it comes to writing lately. As you all know I love personal training and helping people workout, loose weight, and just help them take better care of themselves. Ever since FOUNDATION TRAINING came along…I just can’t help but focus on that. Everyday, I am still amazed at how these exercise (once mastered) can accomplish so much.
I do some of them everyday…my legs are always somewhat sore…the good sore from working out. The exercise firm up the legs and butt!!! The exercises strengthen muscles, and lengthen muscles. The exercises keep you so aware of posture…that as soon as I start to slump…I immediately correct myself. The exercises are great for people with balance issues…so, if you have an older adult that your worried about falling FT is perfect for them. Golfers….these exercise improve balance and flexibility…2 of the biggest issues with weekend golfers. The biggest thing of all….my back pain is just about non existent! I mean really…back pain is really not a factor. My legs are the only sore thing these days and it from using them properly now!!!!! AWESOMNESS!
If you want to improve your life, your movement patterns, the way you feel, and get rid of back pain…you have got to learn FOUNDATION TRAINING. Contact me for a free consultation.




Gotta Get Focused

Wed 11/13/13:
Hey everyone. Was out of town all last weekend. Monday and Tue have been busy… I have been lazy writing on the blog. I’m so focused on Foundation Training it’s hard for me to get back on my workouts and motivational things to get people working out.
I’ll eventually get balanced back out where I can share workouts,food, and FT. Even as I write this I can’t focus…so I’m stopping now. Gonna watch one show on TV then go to bed.


Friday 11/8/13: Yea….Friday is here. Another week has come and gone. Haven’t been on the blog this week…sometimes a person just needs a break. Actually, I have been having trouble being inspired. Yesterday after teaching a new client some Foundation I became re-inspired. This particular client, as we were working reminded me of why I love Foundation Training. To see her improvement in one week, and to see the light bulb come on for her was so awesome. Foundation Training is all about improving a persons life!
The story goes like this… This is a 60 plus year old women with chronic back pain and extremely tight back muscles. She is a well known surgeon and travels extensively. A very caring person who has really never slowed down to take care of herself. She was referred to me by a mutual friend that knew FT was supposed to help with back pain.
After our first session I was thinking.. man I’m really going to have to go slow. Basically, all we could get down in that first meeting was to stand tall, work on breathing, arm/hand placement io order to pull shoulder blades in place, and very gently get hips to barely push back and get weight on heels. That’s it! I texted her everyday….do your homework! She assured me she was working on those things thru-out her day.
Yesterday, was our second meeting. OMG, the improvement was astonishing. Now, I’m INSPIRED! She stated, I can really feel something is working. I didn’t hurt this week like I usually do. I was so excited for her.
So, we start out session. We go thru what she did all that week…I tweaked things for her, so she could feel things better. Then we moved on to actually getting into a founder with the aid of a table. She did Awesome! She worked the whole hour with no muscles trying to spasm, and no chair breaks! She is becoming AWARE of her body. Anyway, I gave her the homework assignment and off to the airport she goes.
I have helped people exercise and loose weight for many years and I still love to do that, but helping someone get out of pain with just a few exercise is really pretty Awesome too. Just the simple pose below can help relieve back pain.
Just wanted to share. Everyone have a great weekend! Football and golf for me!