Tuesday Instructions

Tue 10/29/13:
Lets get up and get on with Tuesday. Here’s a quick workout. Get moving, eat right and enjoy life!

Warm up with a little FOUNDATION TRAINING! Just pick 2 or 3 exercises and focus on them maybe 10 min total. Now, you’re ready to move.

One Big Circuit-
Jump Jack- 30 sec
Plank-30 sec
Jog in place-30 sec
FT Squat-30 sec
Bear Crawl-30 sec
Prisoner Lunge-30 sec each leg
Push-up-30 sec
Skater Hop-30 sec

Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x if needed

Cool down…do a FOUNDER and BREATHE!
Eat Healthy and have a great day!


Talking to the people….Lets get it done!

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