Fri Oct 25,13:
Another tough week has passed. Looking forward to the weekend. Might have the first fire of the weekend here in Mississippi.
Tommorrow is the 5k at the Flowood YMCA. I’ll be there showing people a little bit about FOUNDATION TRAINING and why it works. Saw a story yesterday about a 71 year old gentleman who spends his days outside “moving”. He makes up little games
and physical activities that make him use his brain and his body. For example, something as simple as tossing a ball from one hand to the other…then increasing the difficulty. Going barefoot and stepping onto large stones, then jumping. Stepping over a hurdle, then jumping, then increasing the height. He even skateboards everyday. He works on his movement and balance. All this practice everyday keeps him strong, flexible, with good balance and helps his brain. He feels, young and alive. He realizes for senior adults if they stop moving…it’s a fast track to a fall, hip surgery, the nursing home! I’m on the same page with him. I preach to my senior clients everyday the importance of moving…just doing simple things will work. This story is one of the main reasons FOUNDATION TRAINING is so important foe Seniors. Learning to use the posterior chain in your everyday life is going to prevent falls. I promise!


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