Wed 10/23/13:
I,m up on cup of coffee number 2. Hard day at work yesterday…have woken up feeling tired.
I’ll get moving after I write this article and get ready for the gym before I head to the office.
Luckily for me, developing the habit of getting up early and going to the gym helps keep me fit, but will shake off this tired feeling I have at the moment. The way I feel right now…helps me see why a lot of people just stay in the bed and blow off the gym. I just could not deal with the day if I didn’t get to that gym and MOVE this body! It just wakes everything up. Also, now that I have FOUNDATION TRAINING in my bag of skills, my back pain issues are all but gone!
I’ve been working with the hygienist at my office with FT. Her back and shoulders really bother her from those positions her body is in everyday…all day long. When I get het in the postures and she’s following my cues… She’s like, oh…I feel it stretching! I say, exactly! You need to do this everyday and thru the day when you have a break. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have down that habit forming ability yet. Find things that work for you, develop discipline and form the habits that will help your body and your mind….all of which will help you get thru each day.
Lets get out there now and take charge of HUMP day!

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