Homemade Ice Gel Packs….

How to Make a Homemade Frozen Gel Pack
October 17, 2013 Exercise Science, Sports Medicine

By Dr. Michele Monaco
Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network

Aches, pains, bruises and strains. What do they all have in common? Inflammation. The body needs the inflammatory process, but what always comes with pain? Inflammation! If you can control the inflammation, you can help control the pain. So how do you do that? You use a cold mechanism. People will use a bag of ice cubes which can be quite clunky and non -conforming to a body part. You also suffer the possibility of leaks by means of the ice cube jutting out of the bag. Others use the rectangular cold packs used in lunch coolers. These are cold, but not very useful for an ankle injury. Lastly, frozen veggies such as peas work well. But what if you want to have peas for dinner and you have used and reused your frozen pea bag? If only you could have a conforming ice pack like they have at the rehabilitation center! But you can, and you can make it at home yourself!

All you need is rubbing alcohol, water, and two zip lock bags! Pour into one zip lock bag a ratio of about 2 parts water and 1 part rubbing alcohol. Zip tight and double bag. Place in the freezer. This will not freeze completely because rubbing alcohol has a lower freezing temperature than water. It will make a conformable ice pack that can be reused. You can also make varying sizes! No more old, reused peas! Always remember to place a barrier between the skin and the ice pack to prevent superficial ice burn which can have a lasting effects!

See a video demonstration by Margaret Meyer: How to Make a Homemade Cold Gel Ice Pack

Found this article…thought I’d share.
– See more at: http://sportsfitnessnetwork.com/2013/10/how-to-make-a-homemade-frozen-gel-pack/#sthash.mEecqPWm.dpuf

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