Wed 10/16/13:
Lets talk about why learning FOUNDATION TRAINING is so important.
1. POSTURE- How many times as little kids did our parents say stand up straight, stop slouching, sit up in your chair? All that
slouching adds up over time. Factor in today’s computer age everyone has their head down and forward all
day long. Muscle learn to stay like that…the muscles that are supposed to help us look up, pull our shoulders back
get weak. FT will correct this. Do FT long enough every time you get into a bad posture you’re body will
automatically correct itself.
2. BALANCE- Just get into a FT pose then watch your body fight for balance. I’m an athlete with good balance, and hand/eye
Co-ordination…but I shook like a leaf when first doing FT. FT points out muscle weakness and then strengthens that
How many of us have parents that are slowing down and not quite as stable on their feet as they once were. We
worry about them taking the dreaded “fall”. FT will help these older adults also. FT is not hard for the senior
Population to learn. It can help prevent falls, therefore preventing hip surgery/nursing homes.
3. STRENGTH- FT strengthens muscles while they are in extension. FT strengthens the whole posterior chain of muscles as a
complete unit. That’s why it works so well. Athletes will love FT and be amazed at how much better their body will
feel and how much better their body will perform.
The everyday…go to our desk job, factory job, retail job, traveling job…will benefit from FT also. Our spines are
compressed all day, we reinforce our bad posture and muscle imbalances all day because of repetitive bad
habits. We can change this! We need to change this.

FOUNDATION TRAINING is the change we are looking for to correct our bodies bad habits, muscle imbalance, and posture. We can feel better and not be in pain all the time.


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