YMCA Fit To Lead 5k

Sunday, oct 13:


This is the next big event coming up. YMCA Fit To Lead 5k. Always a fun race this time of year…hopefully we have a lot of runners and lots of good weather.
The YMCA is promoting a HEALTHY BACK campaign. Everyday life, technology, the aging process, injury and so many other things contribute to back problems. So many back issues are preventable and/or manageable. Just doing the little things everyday can keep you out of discomfort. If you don’t know what the little things are…well, you can’t do them…right?
Sign up for this race! Come early…I’ll be there showing FOUNDATION TRAINING techniques to help stretch some runners out before and after the race. Dr. Drew Cefalu, after he completes the race will be on head to help everyone understand their back better and how to take better care of it. Drew, is also a big fan of FOUNDATION TRAINING.
If your a runner, triathlete, weekend athlete, a walker, or you don’t exercise at all…just come out anyway.

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