Sat 10/12/13:
Today is my demonstration date for FOUNDATION TRAINING at TRAK on Lakeland Drive. FOUNDATION TRAINING is a series of exercises designed to lengthen and strengthen the posterior chain of muscles (that is your backside). FT is awesome and it works!
If you have back pain FT is going to give great relief. Once you learn the exercises properly…just do some everyday…and your body will feel better and you’ll move your body properly. The general population has back pain mainly from improper movement patterns developed from poor posture, injury, lack of use, weight gain, to much sitting, lack of exercise….we can correct a lot of these issues thru FOUNDATION TRAINING. FT will make you aware of how you are sitting, standing, walking, squatting, bending over…
Foundation Training will help you conquer back pain. FT will help an athlete perform better. FT will help a senior who’s a little unstable get stronger and not be afraid of falling. FT will help those of you with desk jobs who sit hunched over a computer all day.
FOUNDATION TRAINING is the most valuable tool I have come across in the fitness industry…and I have been around quite some time.
This is you opportunity to come hear what it is about, feel an exercise, and leave me your contact information. Hopefully, I’ll have a class or 2 started in November.


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