Friday…Everyone Do A Founder

Yea!!!!! It’s Friday…another busy week is just about over. A lot going on at the dental office….a lot going on with FOUNDATION TRAINING…and of course trying to get people healthy. No wonder I feel energized yet tired at the same time.

Had a good day yesterday spreading the word about FOUNDATION TRAINING. Demonstrated FT all afternoon at a health fair at Eaton Aerospace. The people were amazed at how improperly they move their bodies. Just the simple act of sitting down in a chair…in most cases is done incorrectly. Every single person I worked with at that health fair sits down leading with their knees…not their hips. Today, hopefully they will practice what I showed them and stick that butt out and lead with the hips hinging. It will help their back end and save their knees.

Tomorrow I’ll be at TRAK on Lakeland Drive talking about Foundation Training…what it is and why everyone needs it! I’ll be there at 9am.

I’m in the process of compiling an e mail list of people interested in taking a series of classes(6-8) to learn the exercises and do them properly. Hopefully, I can get a class or two going in November. FT works, you are going to move your body properly, be aware of moving improperly, and just feel so much better. If you have back pain, poor posture,tight hamstring and hips….you need FT!
Get educated on it and change the way you move. Everyone needs it….fit people, athletes, seniors, people who sit all day, stand all day, lift all day, dentists, hygienists, massage therapists, constructions works, everyone needs it.

Have a great day!


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