Wed 10-09-13:
Here we are at HUMP day…feels like it too! Lots going on for me. Don’t forget this Saturday I’ ll be at TRAK on Lakeland Drive at 9:00 am doing an informal introduction to FOUNDATION TRAINING. If you have been wondering what I’m talking about all the time here is your chance to learn a little about it and feel what’s happening when you actually do one of the exercises. I do mine everyday and I have my clients do a few before every workout. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about FOUNDATION TRAINING…

Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Madison Chamber of Commerce and at Eaton Aerospace talking about FOUNDATION TRAINING. Eaton, is having an employee health fair. FT, is quick and simple to do. When my back tightens up at work from sitting to long or just from stress…I just do one or 2 FOUNDATION poses or a little decompression breathing….aawwhh- RELIEF! FT works and its my mission to spread the word.

Well, gotta get to the gym… Everyone, get a workout in….eat healthy….be grateful…..and conquer the day!

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